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The Six Fix: Vice Ganda’s Whimsical Sense Of Style In Photos

The Six Fix: Vice Ganda’s Whimsical Sense Of Style In Photos

Without a doubt, one of the uber reigning style "kabogeras" of nationwide TV is Vice Ganda. In years past we've seen Vice sport a spectrum of style like no other in the local showbiz world, and we thought we'd share with you a couple of our favorites. It's a mix of pop, glam pop, grunge, and athleisure with the occasional minimalist elegance edge on some days. One thing we've noticed is the fearless use of color and, very often, hair to silence a room with.

"No filter just prayers," he captions his Instagram post.


1. Modeling Bang Pineda Menswear. We love how the puffer coat looks like it was thrown on him and yet displays like it's being worn intentionally. Vice's tall sihouette reigns on stage and is brought to new heights even with chic platform footwear.


2. Denim never dies. Who said denim was only for casual wear, you might think twice after seeing Vice draped in it. Wearing denim in excess brings on chic like nobody's business!


3. Bold stripes for life. Bold stripes in bright complementary colors always light up a room. We absolutely like the effect of this pullover which looks like it leapt out of a comic book.


4. Take home the gold. Ever the statuesque one, Vice Ganda is giving us all the pre-Oscar, Academy Award feels in this number... and the winner is...


5. Keeping it bright even out in daylight. One of the impressionist paintings in Paris seems to have bolted outdoors onto the street! We spy Gucci.


6. Toning it down ought to be done this way. Whether loud or quiet, on the streets of Paris there are numerous ways to stay chic and modern. We're agreeing with the long coat and pants in muted colors, a lovely contrast to Vice's shock of pink hair.


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