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In Focus: 15 On-Screen "I Love You's" That Made Our Hearts Flutter To The Max

In Focus: 15 On-Screen

Stream these flicks and teleseryes, or pop them on your TVs or movie players, and relive the magic these love teams brought! "I love you" never sounded sweeter...

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1. Dolce Amore. When Serena got up on that stage, and told the entire crowd that she fell in love with her "friend from Tondo".


2. On The Wings Of LoveWhen Clark confessed his love for Leah on a park bench. And the kiss that followed? So much kilig feels!  



3. She’s Dating The Gangster. In Kenji (Daniel Padilla) and Athena’s (Kathyrn Bernardo) case, “I can’t breathe” also means “I love you.”  #KathnielForever


4. Be Careful With My HeartWho can forget the moment when Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) said those three words to Sir Chief (Richard Yap), and confirmed that they were indeed “tayo na”?


5. FPJ’s Ang ProbinsyanoThe moment after Cardo (Coco Martin) picks Alyana (Yassi Pressman) up in his sweet ride and takes her home.


6. Starting Over AgainThe way Professor Marco (Piolo Pascual) congratulated Ginny during her graduation is just perfect!

Marco: "I LOVE YOU, GINNY!!!"


7. Walang HangganThe transcript when Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes) made the tragedy of death beautiful when they wound up together in Heaven. 

Katerina: "Kay tagal kitang hinintay (Daniel), sa wakas, magkasama na tayo ulit." 
Marco: "Tulad ng sinabi ko sa iyo, Emily, ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo ay walang hanggan. Mahal na mahal kita."
Daniel: "Sa simula pa lang, minahal na kita; habang tumatagal, lalong tumitindi pag-ibig ko sa iyo (Katerina)." 
Daniel: "Ngayon magkasama na kami ni Katerina at malayang magmahalan nang walang hanggan."   


8. A Second ChancePerhaps one of the most powerful lines in the sequel to One More Chance, this says everything about Basha’s never-ending love for her Popoy: "I promise to love you even if it hurts. I love you more even when it hurts." 


9. P.S. I Love YouAt the golf course, when star-crossed teens Mark (Gabby Concepcion) and Kristine (Sharon Cuneta) sneak away together and say just how they feel about love (in general) and each other. 

Kristine: "Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit ayaw niya magkita tayo. Mabuti nandito ka rin pala."
Mark: "Hindi coincidental ito Kristine. Talagang sinundan ang kotse niyo hanggang dito."
Kristine: "Mark..."
Mark: "It's more than just liking I feel for you now. I think I'm in love with you, Kristine."


10. Forever and a DayWhen Eugene (Sam Milby) figures out the answer to Raffy’s (KC Concepcion) question on whether he’s capable of loving someone who will leave him.


11. A Very Special Love. The once cold, stubborn Miggy (John Lloyd) pouring his heart out to his editorial assistant, Laida, (Sarah Geronimo) in the pouring rain.

Miggy: "Alam ko, dahil buong buhay ko sinubukan ko mahalin ang sarili ko nahirapan din ako… And I’m sorry if I didn’t love in the way at the time that you did… pero maniwala ka, maniwala kang minahal kita sa paraang alam ko… I’m a work in progress, Laida, ngayon ko pa lang nararamdaman na pwede pala akong mahalin kahit ganito ako… Ngayon ko pa lang natututunan na kaya ko pala magmahal kahit na ano. So please, please don’t give up on me…"

12. Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang?What Ned (Marvin Agustin) told his best friend Bujoy (Jolina Magdangal) after she confronted him with this famous line

Ned: "Bujoy mahal kita! Mahal kita Bujoy! Mahal na mahal kita kaya siguro duwag ako. Kung magkarelasyon tayo, paano kung masaktan kita? Baka yung Bujoy na kaibigan ko mawala pa! Bujoy hindi ko kayang mawala ka sa buhay ko..."


13. Bride For Rent At the restaurant, when Rocco (Xian Lim) asks for Rocky’s (Kim Chiu) hand in marriage.

Rocco: "Rocky, I have fallen in love with you. I am in love with you. But if we want this relationship to work, let us start with honesty. So I want to be honest with you now. Rocky, I love you. Can you love me too and never ever leave? Please?"



14. Got 2 Believe. Lorenz’s (Rico Yan) sincere reply to Toni (Claudine Barretto), after she demanded him to explain why he loves her.

Lorenz: “Hindi ko alam. It just hit me. I didn’t even believe in forever, Toni, but I think I found forever in you. Toni, hindi ko pinagpipilitan ang sarili ko sa'yo… wag mong isipin yun.  Gusto ko lang malaman mo na mahal kita. ”


15. Maging Sino Ka Man. Last but not least on this list: The tearjerking wedding vows JB (Sam Milby) and Celine (Anne Curtis) exchanged.   

Celine: "You and I will pass away someday, JB. But the love we’ve come to share will never die. It will live on, and live it will."
JB: "My love, your face is all I know—of sunrises and sunsets. I touch you, and I touch the sun…warmth and light… source of all life. I revolve around you."
Celine: "Our love will endure through the years unfolding. And others will know of it. For our love is like a song. And in this song, we shall live on. And live… we will. For forgiveness to triumph over hate."
JB: "Hope over despair."
Celine: "It is a choice to hold on to life."
JB: "To go on."
Celine: "It is not a promise, for promises are easily broken."
JB: "It is a vow etched in my heart, one that I should live by… for you."
Celine: "And if God should do so much as bind our paths again…in another time… in another life, I shall love you still."
JB: "And I shall love you until all your tears are gone."


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