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Dining Delight: Farm To Table Feasts Made Possible With These Excellent Farmhouse Meals

Dining Delight: Farm To Table Feasts Made Possible With These Excellent Farmhouse Meals

The phrase “farm to table” is familiar among foodies who dine in restaurants who partner with their suppliers for freshness. It means fresh produce from the countryside is harvested, packaged, and taken immediately to places where they’re prepared and cooked to perfection for people to try. 


What Grace Park by Chef Gaita Fores (culinary brainchild of Lusso and Cibo) is doing today is admirable because they partner with local farmers and suppliers now to get the best unique, elusive foodie bits onto your plate or assembled as part of their fabulous dishes. 

"Here's how a food movement can help. Apart from its health benefits, the practice of farm-to-table dining, which we do here in Grace Park, is also a move towards environmental responsibility as it entails near-distance travelling. Thus, carbon footprint is reduced significantly! #FarmtoTableFacts #GraceParkDining #GraceParkPH #Organic "


Here are a couple of Farmhouse meals for you to try at Grace Park (although please note, fresh truffles for pasta and selected dishes are only available when truffles are in season):


All dishes come with coffee or tea and these recommended pairings complement each other:

SOUP & SALAD (P500++)

Cioppino, An Italian Seafood Soup  


3-Page Salad & Grilled Carta di Musica 


The hearty broth in the Cioppino brings you out to sea and is perfect for bread dipping. The 3-page salad is a delightful combination of crunch, texture, and freshness topped also with young corn shoots.

 Cauliflower Clam Chowder


Pot Roast & Mixed Greens


The delightfully subtle blend of cauliflower in the clam chowder rounds off the flavor. For the Pot Roast and Mixed Greens salad, the meat is tender and its flavor is bound to the salad by a lovely vinaigrette dressing.



Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Sourdough


Vegetarian Broccoli Soup & Poached Organic Egg


The perfect combination of crunch and melt can be found within their Triple Grilled Cheese sandwich served with slim fries and a side salad. Vegetarian Broccoli Soup is given more character in flavor with a poached egg you can break, and the yolk adds flavor to it. 


SALAD & PASTA (P640++)

3-Page Seafood Salad & Squid Ink Carta di Musica


Fettuccine, Truffle Cream, & Fried Organic Egg


(Fresh truffle available only when in season) 


One of the most delightful dishes to eat at Grace Park is their Truffle Cream pasta, always the perfect level of al dente  and when actual fresh truffles are in season abroad, Gaita has them brought home or brings them home herself to offer shaved on the dish for higher flavor levels and excellence.  


They also have a minimalist version of this dish, Fettuccine, in Dumaguete Butter, with shaved truffles on top only when in season (P970).


SOUP & MAIN (Php 450++)

Squash Soup and Chicken Parmigiana 


For a lovely taste of Italy, try their Chicken Parmigiana topped with a red sauce, herbs, and cheese. Their squash soup is comforting and tasty and not too thick to slurp through a spoon.

Dumaguete Butter Chicken, Ilokos Garlic (P625)


Last but definitely not the least, we were able to sample their extremely delicious, buttery, and moist Dumaguete Butter Chicken shot with the flavor of garlic and sided by corn and greens. The meat even if it was simply chicken, had a depth of flavor through it made possible with the garlic and butter and we like that the served sprinkling of corn adds a bit of crunch.  

We were offered these excellebt Farmhouse Meals, but Grace Park has a lot more Filipino-Mediterranean inspired cuisine on their menu to try, you'll surely find something you'll keep coming back for.

Grace Park is located at Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell, Makati City. Contact +63939-93G-RACE, +63939-9347223 or +632-8437275, or +632 -843PARK, or visit their Facebook page.


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Photography by author and restaurant photo from Grace Park's FB page.




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