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In Focus: Celebrity Photographer BJ Pascual's Exclusive Revelations About #LadyLuster!

In Focus: Celebrity Photographer BJ Pascual's Exclusive Revelations About #LadyLuster!

When ace photographer BJ Pascual shared a few photos of a sexy and sultry Nadine on Instagram with the hashtag #LadyLuster, a creative spin on Nadine's surname, people went on full-on guess mode: What could this new project be?

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A few days before Valentine's day (which happens to be the date of the actual reveal), the Till I Met You leading lady teased fans once again with a photo of a perfume box labelled "Luster by Nadine" on Instagram stories. Eagle-eyed fans took screenshots of it, and expressed their excitement about Nadine's latest venture.


Come Valentine's Day, at 8:15PM, Nadine finally spilled the beans: Luster by Nadine is a limited edition fragrance designed by Nadine herself. As Metro Magazine Creative Director Eldzs Mejia would describe it, Luster by Nadine is "a sweet and floral scent that evokes a love potion."


We got to chat with BJ to know more about Nadine's latest venture, and here's what we found out:

On the beginnings of the collaboration: "Nadine Whatsapped me, asking if I could shoot the campaign for her fragrance. At first I thought it was for a major label, but I was surprised when I found out she was doing it herself!"

On Nadine's concept for the shoot: "She made a mood board for the shoot, which was very Victorian/boudoir-inspired. Eldzs and I worked on polishing the concept, to match it with the scent of the perfume, which was really sweet and floral, and got Justine Arcega-Bumanlag for the production design."

On how hands-on Nadine was: "Nadine was very hands on with the project, from the mood board to the clothing selection during the shoot! I always say this: I love working with Nadine because it always feels like a collaboration! She's very involved, and as a photographer I like the bounce of energy."

And of course we couldn't help but ask: How did James Reid provide moral support? "James kept calling to check on Nadine during the shoot! It was so cute, nakakakilig," recalls BJ.


Accompanying the launch of Lady Luster is a sultry video, and a website...


Which fans have been flocking to since it went live. And needless to say, every Nadine fan is just so proud of their home girl...





Saying James Reid is simply blessed to have a hardworking girlfriend.


Congratulations on your new venture, Nadine!


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Banner photograph by BJ Pascual




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