DIY Tricks: Personalized Shelves from Old Wood

DIY Tricks: Personalized Shelves from Old Wood

Got some pieces of wood at home, and you want to renovate your room to make it more modern? These can help you renovate your room with minimal costs! One just need some tools and a creative outlook to reimagine something unique for materials you least expect can be transformed into functional room pieces.

Friends Brent Chua and Kate Santos, along with a few workers to help them out, show how they repurposed an old table into shelves to modernize Brent’s room. Starting off with several pieces of wood, they sawed it off according to the size they would need to use them as shelves.

After sawing off the wood, they smoothen its surface with sand paper, and then gave it a nice finish with wood varnish.

After giving the newly-cut wood planks a varnish, they mounted them on the wall using metal brackets, leftover wood (from the ones they have sawed), and a few nails and screws. Brent took charge on how he would like the shelves be arranged by his wall.

Here is how some of the finished shelves look like. Take note on the varying design of each shelf, showcasing a more personal touch added to them. For the shelves, it took four hours for Brent and Kate to create them, from wood cutting to finishing details.

While Brent’s room renovation is still in progress as of this writing, here’s a short video showcasing his DIY bed frame and the shelves they have made.

So the next time you plan to renovate your room, all you need is some creativity, materials, and a few friends to help you out, to craft something that is truly unique.

Photo and video credits to Brent’s Instagram.




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