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In Focus: 11 Other Love Campaigns That Majorly Tugged On Our Heartstrings

In Focus: 11 Other Love Campaigns That Majorly Tugged On Our Heartstrings

‘Tis the season for hugot, and many brands are taking advantage of this.

Jollibee's Valentine's TVC series made the country shed buckets of tears, and spawned many a meme. But while it's teeming with hopia moments, there are actually a lot of other love-themed campaigns by other brands that bring us the same level of hugot:

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1. Even if things work out too late, nothing beats the magic of first love.


2. Not even the biggest argument will stop you from caring for the person you truly love.



3. While there are times that love is worth a second chance…


4. …There are times when you just must learn to move on.


5. No matter how painful the heartache, always believe that you can overcome the pain.


6. Remember: You got your friends to help you cope and live again.


7. Also, your parents will be there for you even at your lowest point.


8. Sometimes, showing your love for that special someone goes beyond words.


9. Admit it: Being in love with your best friend is NOT that easy...


10. ...So is coming out to the parentals.


11. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that your parents will always be there for you.



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Banner photograph screengrabbed from the Boysen "Nagsimula Muli" video




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