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How to Create the Most Flawless Makeup Base in Six Steps

How to Create the Most Flawless Makeup Base in Six Steps


Prep Properly. Prep your skin, it is the first and most crucial step in creating the perfect base. Foundation glides easier and adheres better on well-hydrated and moisturized skin. If you want your makeup to stay in place and look fresh all day, use a primer: This will ensure a long-lasting, even finish.

Tip: Make sure the product you applied is absorbed and has set in completely before going to the next step.

Lay the Foundation. Use the foundation brush, a sponge, or your fingertips—pick which one you are most comfortable with—to apply your foundation or base. The key is always to apply thinly, moving from the center of your face going outwards. If you need more coverage, build up slowly instead of putting on too much right from the start.

Tip: Avoid getting product along the hairline so it does not look like you have too much on.

Sculpt and Highlight. Contouring below the cheekbones (usually brushing on diagonally from the earlobe towards the upper lip) is often done to create the illusion of a slimmer face. This is also used to enhance the dimensions of the face by playing up the shadows and then highlighting (or bringing forward the light) in the other areas. Above the apples of your cheeks, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of the nose—these are the best places to highlight.

Tip: If you look at your face in the mirror and you can see where your contour starts and ends, chances are you have overdone it. Be very subtle, brush off any excess product and blend seamlessly.

Spot Conceal. If you apply concealer after the foundation, you would not need to put on too much. Oftentimes, you will find that your foundation actually hides imperfections quite well that the ones that need more concealing can just be covered modestly.

Tip: When concealing, remember that the more you layer on, the more attention you draw to it. Apply a little at a time and tap and dab ever so lightly.

Keep It In. The next step is to ensure that everything stays in place. Brushing or buffing on powder will do that. You will also avoid blotchiness when you apply color

Spritz Fix. Before heading on out, spray on a moisturizing mist all over your face to seal.


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Originally published in Metro’s October 2014 issue. Article by Charmagne Garcia-Laconico, photograph courtesy of Clarins. Follow Metro on Instagram and Twitter and like their official Facebook page.




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