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Hot Stuff: What Nadine Lustre's #LadyLuster Could Be

Hot Stuff: What Nadine Lustre's #LadyLuster Could Be



It's been a few days of teasing with corsets, stockings, and feathers, yet we're still left wondering what multi-hyphenated star Nadine Lustre has up her sleeve before she finally reveals to the world what #LadyLuster really is.

Apart from Valentine's Day, we can't wait for February 14 because we just need to find out already! Below are some of our theories regarding the intriguing hashtag:

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1. It's a line of sexy underthings. Based on the teaser photos shared by the team behind Nadz's shoot, many share the same speculation that the unpredictable young star is coming out with her own lingerie range. While plausible, we're not completely convinced.


A photo posted by BJ Pascual (@bjpascual) on


2. It's a makeup collection. We all know Nadine has a bit of history with makeup from her cosplaying days. She knows what looks bring out her best features, but she isn't afraid to experiment either. This is right up her alley—and doesn't #LadyLuster sound like a bomb highlighting palette or something? Eek!


3. It's a fragrance. Like any bonafide celebrity, it would make sense for Nadine to come out with her own signature scent. A bottle of perfume to represent her awesomeness would be such a treat for fans!


A photo posted by ELDZS MEJIA (@eldzsmejia) on

4. It's a set of nail colors.
Our girl recently celebrated the opening of her first business, a nail salon in the Quezon City area, so #LadyLuster can very well be a selection of Nadine's favorite shades to wear on her tips and toes. Plus, did you see the subtle hints of dressed-up nails in the teaser video?


A photo posted by BJ Pascual (@bjpascual) on

5. It's an album.
We all know hubby James Reid has been working on some pretty exciting material in the studio, so it couldn't be far that #LadyLuster is also a follow-up record to 2014's self-titled Nadine Lustre. Could it be that she's been sneaking behind our backs to drop a new album?


6. It's a book. After the release of several highly successful books featuring #JaDine, this new endeavor could very well be a solo book project that's solely about her. We love us some James, we do, but we wouldn't mind reading more and delving into Naddie's heart and picking her brain!


What do you think #LadyLuster could be? The countdown to February 14 begins!


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