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In Focus: At Home With Hideo Muraoka And Fatima Rabago

In Focus: At Home With Hideo Muraoka And Fatima Rabago

Brazil may be the country in which models Hideo Muraoka and Fatima were born, but after sitting down for a chat and tour around their condo in busy Manila, it's clear that their definition of "home" really is wherever they are as a family.

Even so, the way that they designed their space has little reminders of the Brazilian-Japanese hunk and the gorgeous Spanish señorita's  love for their native land. Come take a look!   

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First stop: The dining area. 

This part of the condo is special because this is where the family spends a lot, if not most, of their time together.


The bull heads and small, colorful paintings are similar to the kind of home décor Brazilians like.  



Besides being blessed with good looks and sharing native roots, one thing Hideo and Fatima have in common is their love for reading. Their taste in books, though, aren't quite the same.

Hideo collects health and fitness books, but a majority of those in his collection are on personal growth. Fatima, on the other hand, is fond of novels written by Spanish authors.       


Next stop was the living room. When Daniela was younger, the couple wanted to keep this area as spacious as possible. Its design has changed now that she's older (and will continue to change, according to Fatima).

Fur rugs remind Fatima of the village in North Brazil where she grew up. And yes, they have a fur baby! Meet Eva, the pug.   


If you look closely, you'll see a figurine of a Thai buddha next to their TV. They call it the most special furniture piece in the room, perhaps because it reminds them of where they met. 


 We also got a peek into Daniela’s uber cute, uber pink bedroom!  

Where Daniela sleeps.  Only child perk: She's got the bunk bed all to herself! 


Daniela loves playing in this pink teepee from Pottly & Tubby.  


And finally, they gave us a quick tour of their own private space.

Precious memories are preserved in photos.  The one on their bedstand was taken when Daniela was less than a year old.  


At the far end of the room is where Hideo keeps his stuff—most notably his guitar, yoga gear, cameras, and watches, all very telling of his passions in life. 




Fun fact: Fatima actually designed this cabinet. It goes to show how hands on they are with interior decorating.  


Up close and personal with Hideo and Fatima

Their modeling careers started differently from each other: Fatima got into it because of her older sister. Hideo, on the other hand, was scouted when he was still a student.

Since becoming models they were living and loving the countries their campaigns took them, until fate decided that they both wind up in Phi Phi Island in Thailand. They’ve been together since then, after meeting through mutual friends, and now have a daughter, Daniela, whom they choose to raise here in the Philippines.


These days, the two aren’t just appearing in magazines or walking on runways. Fatima devotes a lot of her time to her high-end swimwear line, Agua Brazilian Swimwear. Hideo, who was on Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Celebrity Edition, does freelance photography and sells his photos on Shutterstock. He also has his own blog, called Style HM. He also has plans of teaching yoga, now that he’s become a certified instructor.

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Despite juggling different roles at once, their love for each other is very much in tact, and their common passion for travel hasn't died either, because it makes for a lot of their best memories as a couple. “Most of our income is spent on traveling and investing in ourselves,” explains Hideo. Fatima agrees, adding that they’d “rather spend on experiences” instead of fancy hotels or restaurants. Hideo and Fatima make it a point to plan as many trips as possible, whether local or abroad. And every year, visiting their respective home countries: Spain and Brazil.


On how they make their relationship work 

Their responsibilities as mom and dad certainly haven’t affected their love as husband and wife. The way they deal with life’s challenges is like a tag team. “When you are together for so many years, you really have to look at your partner as a team, as a friend as a mate. There are so many things you guys have to talk about and do together,” shares Fatima.

Conforming to society’s expectations of parenting and partnership may lead one astray, but for Hideo and Fatima, they treat the possibility of cheating almost as a non-issue, even if they’ve witnessed other couples break up because of it. “For us, that’s something really small. The way I see it, what we have together is way bigger than sexual and physical [attraction]. When you really love someone, you don’t just think about yourself or those things,” says Fatima.


And for Hideo it’s all a matter of focus. “Wherever your attention goes, it tends to grow. We’re so busy working on ourselves, on Daniela, and on our jobs that we don’t have that much time to spend thinking about [infidelity].  Everything starts with the mind,” he explains.

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The effort they’ve put into being a family clearly isn’t something they take for granted. “In every choice we make in life we gain something but you can also lose something. So if you have a bigger vision of where you want to be in the future, I think that’s helpful to guide you along the way. If you do something that you can lose all things that you have pictured in your mind and dreams, it’s not worth it, at least from my point of view,” elaborates Hideo.


Likewise, their minds never wander, even in an industry like theirs where there is always an influx of good-looking people. Even for someone as stunning as Fatima, she admits, “there’s always going to be someone prettier, and sexier because it’s natural; we are human.”  Hideo also confessed that in his early modeling days, he “needed something else to be attracted” since he was always around pretty girls. Whatever it was, Fatima clearly had it as they were getting to know each other on Phi Phi.

Sharing the same life goals makes it easy to have complete trust in each other, no matter where work takes them or what activities they choose to spend time on. “When you don’t give freedom he feels encaged. That’s when the problems start,” claims Fatima. “You have to be a couple but you also have to be individuals. You really need your own space because if the other person doesn’t let you to do this or gets jealous because of that, you feel trapped,” notes Fatima. Totally on point, this woman!

We did some other fun stuff with this lovely family—watch the videos below to learn more about them through our Fast Talk...


... and to see just how good they are at mimicking emojis (too cute, if you ask us!):


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Photographs by Vyn Radovan 




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