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In Focus: True Love In 3 Teleserye Throwbacks—Millennial Primetime Shows We Will Never Forget

In Focus: True Love In 3 Teleserye Throwbacks—Millennial Primetime Shows We Will Never Forget

In the wake of all these new and engaging teleseryes and dramas, we remember once upon a time the dawn and overwhelming impact of the stories from the earlier days. These are the stories that, for millennials, have left an everlasting imprint in our hearts and minds.  



The moments, music, and the characters from these shows are extremely nostalgic for many millennials who grew up through high school in the 1990s, college, and their first jobs watching these stories. Here are three that will always be remembered, not to mention the love teams and theme songs that made them very popular. These were so popular that two out of these three series were remade with love:


1. Pangako Sa 'Yo (2000), theme song sung by Vina Morales. PSY, as it is remembered, will remain in people's hearts for generations to come. It is not only the love story of one generation but of two fraught with familial challenges, heartbreak, revenge, and reconciliation, all of which contribute to the success of the story which was remade 15 years later. We cannot forget the love stories, the sobs, the laughter, the separation, and the reunions between Ina and Angelo (Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales), as well as Amor and Eduardo (Eula Valdes and Ton Ton Gutierrez). In 2015 it was remade and "KathNiel," Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, resumed the roles of Ina and Angelo.  


The heartbreaking situation Amor Powers' character finds herself in after Eduardo Buenavista, her first love, a veritable Mama's boy and mining heir at the beginning, shuns and disbelieves her cry of rape (by Diego his brother) completely changes her tender spirit into a fiery one. Full rejection turns her vengeful and she plots for over a decade to avenge what she thinks is the death of her daughter birthed from their relationship, Maria Amor, after a landslide at a Buena Mines quarry. See scenes from both the original featuring Eula Valdes and the remake with Jodi Sta. Maria.

Vengeful Amor Powers (Eula Valdez, PSY 2000)


Vengeful Amor Powers (Jodi Sta. Maria, PSY 2015)


Amor isn't aware from abroad that her daughter (whose father is Eduardo, played by Ton Ton Gutierrez) is rescued and cared for by a couple that finds her wandering along the rubble and grows up to be called Ina. What makes the remake particularly special is that Jodi, who plays Amor Powers in the remake, was actually also in the original Pangako Sa 'Yo production as Claudia's daughter, Lia. Overall, though, what really stole the show was the onscreen chemistry between characters Angelo and Ina. Love, romance, and hardship were palpable throughout their entire onscreen relationship.


2. Mula sa Puso (1997), theme song sung by Jude Michael. Mula sa Puso is a tale filled with betrayal before love from the beginning. A hidden, plotting usurper named Selina, then played by Princess Punzalan, aches to take her brother Fernando Pereira's wealth and power away from him while playing a dutiful, fierce, and loyal sister the entire time.  


Via's real mother, who is never mentioned at first until the middle of the series is Magda, a scorned simple yet beautiful woman played by Jaclyn Jose whose acid scars are also a result of Selina's evil schemes. Selina plots secretly from the inside and has a hired mob kidnap Via, his only heir and daughter on her 18th birthday to have her killed, but Via, then played by Claudine Barretto, is rescued by the young and handsome Gabriel, played by Rico Yan. There was a noted remake of Mula sa Puso in 2011 starring Lauren Young, JM De Guzman, and Enrique Gil... and Jovit Baldivino sang the theme song.


Prior to the incident Via is actually promised by Don Fernando to wed Michael, another handsome guy portrayed by Diether Ocampo which makes for a super intriguing love triangle throughout the whole Mula Sa Puso series in which from beginning to end, Via's life is in danger and major characters that support her keep her out of harm's way. The series is tainted and looked upon with bittersweet emotion by many due to the untimely death of beloved actor, Rico Yan, just a couple of years after the teleserye aired. The height also of media attention was due to Mula Sa Puso's leading lady, Claudine being Rico's real life sweetheart, and being heartbroken in the aftermath of his death.


3. Esperanza (1997), theme song sung by April Boy Regino. In this story, a family divided by a tragic accident has a chance of reuniting because of the series' kind and determined heroine, Esperanza, played by Judy Ann Santos. Her search for her family leads her through different struggles, a conflicted stepmother, Celia, played by Sylvia Sanchez who won't accept her, and also through varied romantic interests Anton and Brian, played by Wowie de Guzman and a very young and upcoming Piolo Pascual. Her main romantic lead was Wowie's Anton and growing up together and being there for one another amidst each one's hardship proved to be the seal of long-lasting love.


There was also a guest appearance by Rico Yan in an interesting rare teleserye crossover role from Mula sa Puso still as Gabriel the kind taxi driver who also saves Via in Mula sa Puso. Watch this scene in which Gabriel meets Esperanza.

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