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In Focus: Our Favorite Pieces from the 2017 UP BS Clothing Technology Graduation Show

In Focus: Our Favorite Pieces from the 2017 UP BS Clothing Technology Graduation Show


By Faye Martinez
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Creativity is one way the soul speaks and it doesn’t need to be put into words to get its meaning across, just like on the night of the "Void: A Graduation Fashion Show by the UP BS Clothing Technology Class of 2017." where aspiring young designers presented their pieces at the QCX in Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

The show featured the following collections: "Alpha" by Roshelle Muñez, "Vincent" by Kiara Tenefrancia, "Tactile" by Issa Garcia, "Hustle" by Rannika Mondoñedo, "Melting Pot Stickers" by Lex De Leon, "Lily" by Karinna Engracia, "Nox Motiew" by Nins Dajac, "When It Sets" by Riah Lopez, and "Temple" by Fourth Santos. The proceeds of the show were donated to the Lake Sebu Indigenous Women Weavers Association Inc., an organization focused on Social Entrepreneurship and IP education among T'boli children.

More than just a show, Void is a culmination of what UP Diliman's up-and-coming designers have built up throughout their years in school, and they have proven themselves as a powerful force to be reckoned with through their exceedingly varied and gorgeously crafted creations that graced the illuminated runway.

Even before you see the designers, you could already grasp a preview of their personality and taste by their creations—the extensive variations of style ranging from classic, casual, trendy, rock, exotic, sexy, and elegant were all present in the show. From the choice of colors, to fabric, and patterns used, each outfit held a certain charm that can appeal to everyone’s own personal style and taste.

These nine designers earned the loud applause and congratulatory speeches that they received, their hard work and passion could not be denied as they successfully managed to send out their meaning on how they fill that empty space through their craft is unique, fun, fresh, and so genuinely done that you just can’t help but be proudly amazed.

One of the designers, Fourth Santos had a single piece of advice to give to those that want to follow in their footsteps: “Always create something, do something with your hands, and never stop creating.”

It takes a team effort to pull off such a stunningly vibrant show and Auie Aurelio, the stage manager of the show, describes the show as “dynamic” because, even though the designers bring different meanings and aesthetics into their collection, they managed to create a show that clicked together as a whole. This batch didn’t just have “Void” for the sake of having a show but they did it to send out a message.

Check out some of our favorite pieces below!

Melting Pot Stickers by Lex De Leon

"Temple" by Fourth Santos

"Tactile" by Issa Garcia

"Lily" by Karinna Engracia

"Vincent" by Kiara Tenefrancia

"Nox Motiew" by Nins Dajac

"Hustle" by Rannika Mondon~edo

"When It Sets" by Riah Lopez

"Alpha" by Roshelle Muñez

Kudos, Batch 2017!

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Photographs by AJ Cruz, EJ Navarro, and Lyra Ang




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