In Focus: Richard and Lucy Gomez’ Home Is Their Tranquil Sanctuary Amid Fast-Paced Living

In Focus: Richard and Lucy Gomez’ Home Is Their Tranquil Sanctuary Amid Fast-Paced Living

When we talk about the most glamorous couples in showbiz and politics, Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez would always come to mind. Aside from their looks, both are equally hardworking in fulfilling their duties as public servants. With their work as mayor and congresswoman, respectively, most of their time are spent addressing the concerns of their constituents in Leyte.

So it is truly amazing that despite their many responsibilities and roles that are not a walk in the park, they remain to be a picture of bliss and serenity.

One of their secrets to a generally peaceful life? Their home in Makati, dubbed as their own version of the “White House," initially purchased so that trips to the airport will be less grueling (both Richard and Lucy hold office in Leyte).

Here, their living room, dining room, and entertainment room are seamlessly integrated together, giving the couple (and their daughter Juliana) maximum flexibility when it comes to bonding and leisure time. These include Richard's painting sessions and get-togethers with their extended family. 

Richard takes his leisure time seriously, engaging in activities such as painting. Their home's open floor plan gives Richard all the space he needs in preparing his next masterpiece.


With the whole house being decked in white (hence the "white house" moniker), the walls serve as the perfect backdrop to the couple's wide collection of paintings, include Richard's personal works, and masterpieces by foreign artists like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, and local artists like Ronald Caringal and Geraldine Javier.

Among the many eye-catching paintings at the Gomez residence include these portraits of Richard, Lucy, and Juliana in their living room.


Majority of their decor pieces, which include antiques, books, and trophies, are housed in wooden shelves all around the house.

 This wooden cabinet with a circular frame makes one interesting TV stand, while serving as a display stand for other decor pieces.


 Bookworms will go green with envy when they see the hallway of the Gomez residence filled with shelves upon shelves of books; there's no doubt the entire family are voracious readers.


Being devout Catholics, the Gomez family also has a beautiful altar in their home, housing several religious images Lucy has accumulated though the years.


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Now there's really no wonder they enjoy their time away from the spotlight, what with such a lovely home.


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