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In Focus: These Stunning Stars Will Make You Feel Good About Being Single

In Focus: These Stunning Stars Will Make You Feel Good About Being Single

If you're currently unattached, you're probably either hating on or making fun of all those mushy couples. Or perhaps wallowing in self-pity, because admit it or not, Valentine's month can put in that kind of pressure. Or maybe you prefer to just hide away in your room...

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But you know, being single should not stop you from being happy! These celebs show you just why:


1. There's family time to treasure. Take them on lunch and dinner dates, or bring them to different places around the world–truly, nothing beats the feeling of being with your family. Just ask Maja Salvador, who loves traveling with her family, their most recent trip being to Japan a few months ago with her brother and friends.



2. The freedom is incomparable. No need to factor in someone else when making decisions! Fly to Europe? Go for it! Watch that musical even if an NBA finals game is on? Surely! Take the case of Arci Munoz: After her recent breakup with with local rock artist Badi del Rosario, she is, no doubt, taking advantage of all the opportunities that lie ahead of her.



3. You can YOLO everyday. When you're coupled up, you always have to think for two. Being single means all your time is yours to indulge on and use wisely a.k.a YOLO it. “I'm just really exploring, enjoying my life, living my life to the fullest, waking up every day to a new day,” Piolo Pascual said when he was asked about being single in his 40s during his birthday blogcon.



4. You have a lot of time to reflect on life. You can laugh away those breakup blues, or treat yourself to some R&R. Angel Locsin makes use of her time being single by pampering herself at The Farm at San Benito with BFF Bubbles Paraiso, in addition to going on a mountain climbing frenzy a few weeks earlier.


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5. Helping other people is just as good as being in a relationship. Enough of ranting about being single. Instead, dedicate some of your time outside of work to help others. Many NGOs and charitable organizations need help in pushing for their advocacies. Enchong Dee, for one, chose to donate blood to the Philippine Red Cross, quipping that he hopes to donate again come Valentine's Day.



6. All your time can be spent on improving yourself. Ultimately, you should #loveyourself, and by honing your talents, you can do exactly just that. Look at how Rayver Cruz goes all out for basketball: Even when he is tired from a day of taping, Rayver is rejuvenated once he enters the basketball court, bringing his A-game even to late night matches. Rayver also makes it a point to learn new techniques and styles from professional players to level up his skills.



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