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In Focus: 15 Signs You're A Fangirl

In Focus: 15 Signs You're A Fangirl


By Zsaris Mendioro


Cheer your lungs out, she can do it better. All the latest news about your favorite player? She knows all about it and more. The latest merch? She has everything—and, by everything, it includes the limited edition releases. Her Facebook and Twitter are an unofficial feed for the latest scores, stats, and even gossip. Of course, her profile picture features a photo of her and her hardcourt crush. You’ll see this girl at every game, every appearance, or everywhere the cager goes. She’s the ultimate fangirl, someone with unbridled passion for the sport and unconditional love for her idol. As we continue on with the UAAP season, you won’t miss these hardcore supporters—heck, you might even be one yourself.



The difference between a regular girl and a fangirl

1. You know anything and everything there is to know about your favorite player’s life. You’re practically a walking encyclopedia! 

2. Patience is one of your strongest suits. You have the uncanny ability to wait in line for hours, even days, just to get premium seats at the venue. 

3. You prefer to step out in your school’s official merchandise—especially, the rare ones. You have it, so why not flaunt it?

4. You have, at some point, even produced your own merchandise to other fangirls' delight. 

5. You have a special stash of used towels, water bottles, game tickets, and anything your favorite player has touched. Not to mention, your collection of official and non-official merch, even newspaper and magazine clippings of their features.

6. You’ve seen it all online—videos, memes, fan fiction, what have you. You’ve commented on a lot of posts, even shared it on all your accounts.

7. Even if you go to a different university, you know all the cheers of your crush’s school. There’s nothing like winning a game and singing the anthem along with thousands of die-hards, right?

8. The exclusive cliques, clans, and clubs are your favorite hangouts online. You help make Twitter topics trend and videos and memes viral. 

9. Aside from the games and practices, you’re always at off-game appearances—and it’s not without gifts, especially their favorite food. 

10. You’ve mastered the art of selfies. You know you’ll only get one chance to take a photo when you see your idol, so it must be the perfect shot every single time.

11. Shyness isn’t in your DNA. You’ll go wild anywhere, even at the simple mention of your favorite player’s name. You won’t hesitate to approach for a photo or an autograph ever.

12. You’ll give anyone hell when you hear them talk sh-t about your team. How dare they?

13. Your favorite baller’s surname is yours, too. It’s real if it’s on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, right?

14. No one can out-trivia you about the games. They won’t even win the argument.

15. Your crushie actually knows your name. You’ve been around enough that you’ve invited to spend time with them after games, during practices, and even random hangouts.


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