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Hot Stuff: 5 Super Unforgettable Moments When MayWard Conquered PBB'S Acting Challenge

Hot Stuff: 5 Super Unforgettable Moments When MayWard Conquered PBB'S Acting Challenge

The world wide web is still giving off heat after these super kilig moments between May May Entrata and Edward Barber of Pinoy Big Brother 7 fired up during the #PBBLightsCameraAction challenges judged by none other than Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, who were already impressed in the first moments of Mayward's acting challenge.


MayWard absolutely scored during these acting moments together and won, and they're so believable you actually forget for several moments that it's a challenge within a reality show! Top up your kilig fix with these five very unforgettable moments during PBB's Lights, Camera, Action challenge with LizQuen.


1. MayMay Becomes Edward's Interpreter. "Tissue po... nosebleed" is what we heard from Edward after on-set hosts rambled on in Filipino ironically asking if a language barrier existed between super Pinay MayMay and the British-German-Pinoy hottie, and in the end, MayMay had to interpret what the hosts said for Edward, something that was pretty cute and funny at the same time.


2. When Loveteam MayWard practically own this Lights, Camera, Action scene. You feel the kilig, tension, bitterness, and hurt all at the same time. You see the twinkle of "pain" in Edward's eyes when MayMay mentions a new suitor, all too melt-worthy.  Freeze that frame!  Why they won isn't a mystery.


3. MayMay's excitement for the arrival of LizQuen knows no bounds.  Before the beloved judges arrive, MayMay is overcome with anticipation as she eagerly searches for them. 


4. When Enrique almost kisses MayMay. Enrique deeply recognized the huge opportunity he had to be in a scene with Liza, what he says is quite true, who wouldn't want that opportunity, but we think that MayMay didn't see this part in her scene with Enrique coming and it caught her off guard. 



5. Before the celebration, though, of all MayWard fans, it couldn't have been done without LizQuen's on point reenactment of a scene as the standard from their upcoming movie My Ex and Whys which shows on February 15.


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Photographs are screencaps from the Pinoy Big Brother YouTube channel




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