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Cheat Sheet: Throw A Pinoy Birthday Party Like Shamcey Supsup Did For Her Cutie Pie Nyke

Cheat Sheet: Throw A Pinoy Birthday Party Like Shamcey Supsup Did For Her Cutie Pie Nyke

Last January, Shamcey Supsup and her husband Lloyd Lee threw their beautiful daughter her first birthday party. And by the looks of it, they went all out! In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the couple explained that it was meant to celebrate both Nyke's birthday as well as the second anniversary of their Filipino restaurant Pedro ‘n Coi

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Instead of making the party look like a typical Pinoy fiesta (which, don’t get us wrong, we love and will forever be an awesome theme), Shamcey and Lloyd made the event extra cutesy and appropriately kiddie for their one-year-old.  

Keep reading for tips we picked up to help you plan a party just like Nyke’s:


1. Start with the invites. They’ll give your guests visual clues on the expected theme. In Nyke’s invites, the jeepney, palm trees, slippers, and fiesta banners printed on bayong-patterned cards say a lot.  


2. Serve Pinoy-favorite snacks. Shamcey and Lloyd had a sari-sari store, dirty ice cream, and cotton candy stalls stationed around Pedro ‘n Coi. They’re very similar to what you’d find on the streets, but child-friendly in the sense that toddlers as small as Nyke can reach them. And the lechon replica next to Lloyd (in the first photo)? So Pinoy!



3. Have a play area just for the kids. Seeing that Nyke is only a year old, she could easily get bored just waiting for the party to end. Renting a playhouse like this one from The Nest Play And Party Pad will keep the celebration fun for your child, even as you socialize with other parents and adults in attendance.


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4. Don’t forget the cake! No birthday is complete without a cake. Or, in Nyke’s case, two. On Shamcey’s Instagram page, Nyke’s party had a four-layer cake with a bahay kubo replica on top. The couple also did away with regular cupcakes in favor of these cute and healthy mini jar banana cakes from BottledUp PH.


5. And don’t forget the giveaways! Really, no detail is too small. The Lees handed out colorful pillows with Nyke’s picture on them. Like the invites, they were printed over a bayong pattern.


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Photographs from / Artwork by Jana Jimenez 




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