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In Focus: Surfing May Entail Tons Of Practice, But It Should Definitely Be On Your Bucket List

In Focus: Surfing May Entail Tons Of Practice, But It Should Definitely Be On Your Bucket List

Of all the different types of sports in the world, surfing is one of the most difficult and complex to learn: Trying to balance one’s self on a board while riding the waves is a challenge in itself. Yet, people are giving the complex sport a try, no matter how many times they fall off the board and experience a “wipeout," or a moment where you lose your balance while riding the waves.

Whether you opt for local destinations like La Union, Zambales, Baler, Sorsogon, or Siargao Island, or foreign places like Australia and Bali, getting your surfing fix will surely be a memorable experience, and contrary to how overwhelming it can look like, is not scary at all. There are different surfing spots catering to different levels of experience: Some spots like San Juan, La Union can cater to all kinds of surfers, while places like Siargao Island is best suited for more experienced surfers. 

But whatever your level of surfing experience may be, here are a few things to remember should you pursue this sport as a profession or as a hobby:


1. Get that poise and posture right (as much as possible). Still scared at the very idea of surfing? Formal surfing lessons will ease the tension. Try La Union Surf School in La Union or Turtle Surf Camp in Siargao Island, Before you actually go to the water and try to ride some waves, surfing instructors would first teach you proper postures while on land, and for good reason: Things are much, much harder when you're in water. But once you get a hang of it, your worries of losing your balance will be less, just like in Maja Salvador’s case when she started surfing a few years back. 

An added perk of getting the right posture: Fabulous surfing photos like this! 

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2. Do not be scared. Whether the waves are big or small, maintain presence of mind and always remember the basic surfing rules you should follow to be assured of your safety. In addition, some surfboards are equipped with a surfboard leash so that you don’t lose your surfboard in the middle of a wipeout. Blogger Kryz Uy knows this too well.

Notice that black cuff in Kryz’ ankle? That is part of the surfboard leash.


3. Keep on trying. It is perfectly okay to be thrown off your surfboard, and get a few gashes here and there. All of those mishaps are part of the learning experience. "With surfing, it's a continuing process of learning and challenging yourself," pro surfer Lorraine Lapus said in an interview with Choose Philippines.

Ellen Adarna, who started surfing last year, is a master at keeping her cool even if she has lost her balance several times. This short video of her surfing experience in San Juan, La Union is proof of Ellen's resilience, as she improves on her surfing skills, one try at a time.


A video posted by Ellen Adarna (@maria.elena.adarna) on


4. Just enjoy the moment! Even if you can't get the hang of surfing in one day (for some, it may take several days), just enjoy the moment. In the case of blogger David Guison and Myx VJ Donny Pangilinan, creating wacky poses while surfing in Kuta beach leveled up the experience.

"The excitement that exudes from students is contagious. From being absolutely petrified of the waves, to simply can't getting enough of surfing!" Lapus adds, explaining why she loves to teach surfing.

Bloopers are part of the experience, just be careful not to get injured in the process!


 "Cowabunga!" Donny said in his post while surfing in San Juan, La Union.


5. Do it with friends and loved ones! Even acquaintances can later turn into close friends as you bond with them over surfing. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a student or a lawyer, everyone is the same in the water. "It doesn’t matter what race or sexuality you are, or what your background is, everyone is equal and there is no judgment," an article from Cooler Magazine explains.

Take it from Jericho Rosales: As an avid surfer, he would occasionally invite his wife, blogger-host Kim Jones, to join him. Even if their level of surfing experience is different, they truly enjoy the sport together. Julia Barretto and Inigo Pascual have also tried surfing together.

How about surfing as your weekend bonding activity with your loved one?
 Holding hands while surfing? How sweet!


6. Allot time to hone your surfing skills.  To an extent, the adrenaline rush surfing provides can make people addicted to it. To get your surfing fix, make time for it, no matter how busy you get! Take it from pro surfer Luke Landrigan and model Fabio Ide, who may both have their hands full with various commitments, but still make room for personal surfing time.

The adrenaline of surfing will make you want to come back for more.


 Surfing, after all, is a perfect weekend activity for anyone who loves the beach.


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