In Focus: Kylie Verzosa, The Smart And Sassy Traveler, Has Got Adventures To-Die-For

In Focus: Kylie Verzosa, The Smart And Sassy Traveler, Has Got Adventures To-Die-For

Even before she became a beauty queen, Kylie Verzosa seems to love traveling around the world, jetsetting from Asia to Europe and everywhere in between. Her Instagram feed-cum-travel diary is totally giving us some serious envy as she snaps a lot of amazing photos of both places and moments with her family and friends while looking tres, tres chic (whether in the beach or the city!).

Here are some of her nicest captures: 

Basking under the Greek sun.


Renowned for being one of the art capitals of the world, you shouldn't miss Rome, Italy if it's a culturally-rich vacation you're looking for!


Make sure you get an artsy snap of yourself with the Eiffel Tower should you find yourself in Paris.


Kawaii! Here's Kylie trying on Japan's kimono right before the Miss International 2016 pageant.


Best known for its breathtaking beaches and its stunning temples, Thailand is one of Asia's must-see destinations and this beauty queen made sure she milked every moment of her stay here for what it's worth! Here she is posing behind the Wat Pho Temple.


It's Kylie dressing like a local in Italy!


Kylie, no doubt, is totally having her moment right now with shoots left and right, and just recently, this beauty queen was launched as the newest Samsung ambassador for the brand's Galaxy A Series (2017). "It's perfect for the young people on the go, music, capturing moments, and selfies that are perfect for sharing my life's journey," she says.

I'm sure you're as hooked on your phone as this beauty is. After all, we tap smartphones for every aspect of our traveling lives: Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, Facebook and TripAdvisor for planning, Google or Apple Maps for navigation, and so on. And while the idea of disconnecting from technology when traveling seems relaxing, the stress of going out of town or visiting a foreign country without a smartphone connection can quickly counteract the benefits of a digital detox. After landing in an unfamiliar place, you may realize that an inability to look up mobile maps or places to eat on a phone can be crippling. Relying on a printed tourist guide may feel primitive and immediately inform muggers that you are holding lots of cash.

So here, we give you a list of the things you must take note of when traveling with a smartphone:


1. Apps for messaging. If you get a foreign sim card, you will be using a different phone number from your regular one. To simplify taking a smartphone abroad, we recommend ignoring traditional phone and texting services and relying on free communication services that rely purely on data connections.


2. Download music. You probably know already that you can listen to music with your smartphone. Load up before you go, and the long waiting times at the airport or in the bus won’t seem so long anymore!


3. Watch movies. Google Play and Apple Store both have a large selection of the latest movies and your favourite TV shows that you can download straight on your phone to watch later. They’re ideal when you want a long flight to go by smoothly!


4. Read e-books. If it’s true for music and movies it’s true for books: No need to bring the heavy paper version with you anymore. Download them on your phone!


5. Book flights, trains, and hotel rooms. Today, 95% of things that need to be booked can be booked online. A lot of businesses have even shut down their call centers and refuse bookings anywhere but online. Thanks to your smartphones, you also don't have to subject your wallet to hotel business centers' crazy rates as well as suffer from the hassle of looking for internet cafes.


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