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Hot Stuff: We Picked The Minds Of Stellar Comedians Rex Navarrete, Kakai Bautista, And Jon Santos

Hot Stuff: We Picked The Minds Of Stellar Comedians Rex Navarrete, Kakai Bautista, And Jon Santos

“Most serious things have to be explained by comedians.”

This was what veteran comedian Rex Navarrete, who is part of comedy show “Extrajudicial Kidding”, explained when we sat down with him and the rest of the cast during their press launch. While comedies are often taken lightly for the laughs they give us, they play a more crucial role in making the audience understand pressing issues sans the complicated jargon.

Rex, Kakai Bautista, and Jon Santos like keeping themselves updated—from following blog sites to watching the latest news—in order for them to come up with a joke, a punch line, and a witty remark that will appeal to all audiences. "You have to learn everyday," Kakai said, elaborating that acting and stand up comedy involves a lot of learning and research. "It's harder to make people laugh than it is to make them cry," director Joaquin Pedro Valdes, who is also a theater actor, adds.

"Whatever joke they deliver come February 15 was because they were cooking it over the years," he notes.

The three also shared what things they'd love to trend in the online world this year. For Rex, it's aliens invading the world. For Kakai, it's the rediscovery of true beauty. For Jon, “Mocha is the new black,” in reference to giving everyone another chance. "Striktong gabay ang kailangan ng ating bansa," Jon quips.

With the world seeming to get more divided, their choice of trending topics have one goal in mind: To unite the world once again, and to give people a new perspective on life. "We never needed aliens more than now... they give us an ultimatum, and that forces us to get together or get vaporized," Rex jokes. 

"Surprise me!" Jon remarks, reacting to Rex's answer. "It's a very interesting time." 

Before 2016 ended, Google Trends Philippines released a list of trending topics, and for Rex, Jon, and Kakai, the US and Philippine elections are what truly stood out.

Yun driver ng Uber, yun kusinera mo, yun katulong mo, lahat may mga opinyon sila,” Jon comments, explaining why both elections are not just their favorite trending topic of 2016, but also the most-talked about. As much as we would like to forget 2016, all three of them do think that putting a comedic spin can remind people that the world is a fun place no matter how horrible things can be. As they put it, the year that was was "a curveball" (for Rex), "pasabog" (for Kakai), and "the acronym WTF" (for Jon).

Enjoy more of their unparalleled humor by catching their show the day after Valentines. "You get to escape the real world, laugh at the real world, and go back to the real world," Rex says, adding that they hope the audience will get a new perspective or reality after watching their show.

Their tips in being a mature netizen, to avoid instances of "unfriending," "unfollowing," "blocking," and the destruction of relationships and friendships?

"Save your battles for more important days," says Rex.

"'Wag ka magsalita (on what goes viral); pigilin mo (as much as possible)," shares Kakai.

"Stay informed, get informed before you press that button, and stay neutral and mysterious," adds Jon.


"Extrajudicial Kidding" will be showing on February 15, 8PM, at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila. Tickets can be purchased at TicketWorld.


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