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Cheat Sheet: Find The Perfect Valentine's Day Movie For You No Matter The State Of Your Heart

Cheat Sheet: Find The Perfect Valentine's Day Movie For You No Matter The State Of Your Heart

Enjoy this season whether you're fully romantically in love, nursing a broken heart, or have pledged allegiance to the #singlelifeforever club.


1. 50 Shades DarkerA sequel to 50 Shades of Grey, this movie explores the rekindled relationship between Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), where the latter will continue to pursue the former until they become officially engaged, but not without ghosts from his past haunting their union.

Perfect for: The guy who will never say die in wooing the girl of his dreams, until the girl gives her sweetest "yes" to him.

Release date: February 8


2. My Ex and WhysAside from Cali's (Liza Soberano) now-viral "panget ba ako?" line, this movie showcases a man's (Enrique Gil's character Gio) efforts to reconnect and reconcile with the woman he hurt yet still loves so much after all these years.

Perfect for: The ultimate hugoteros and hugoteras, as this packs in all the feels experienced in various stages of a relationship.

Release date: February 15

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3. I’m Drunk, I Love You. If you are so in love with your best friend, like in the case of Carson (Maja Salvador) until when you keep your feelings for him (here it's Paulo Avelino's character Dio in question)? A road trip might finally lead you to the answer.

Perfect for: Who else but long-time best friends who are secretly harboring romantic feelings towards each other? Guys and girls who've also been friendzoned will be able to relate.

Release date: February 15

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4. SwipeThe extramarital affair between Leo (Luis Alandy) and Loida (Mercedes Cab­ral), the secret gay affair between Frank (Gabby Eigenmann) and Josh (Rob Moya), and the strained relationship between husband and wife Janet (Meg Imperial) and Edward (Alex Medina) share one thing in common: They were all borne through dating apps and social media.

Perfect for: The no-fear Tinderella who needs reminding to be careful of how she puts herself out there.

Release Date: February 1


5. Why Him? What do you do when your overprotective father (Bryan Cranston) despises your rock star boyfriend (James Franco)? That is for Stephanie Fleming (Zoey Deutch) to figure out. Is wanting her dad Ned to accept Laird Mayhew as her boyfriend too much to ask for? Catch the film to find out.

Perfect for: Young couples who have yet to introduce their respective partners to the parentals, take good notes!

Release date: February 1


6. The Space Between UsGardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) is from Mars, while Tulsa (Britt Robertson) is from Earth. How will Tulsa make Gardner's stay in earth fulfilling, even if it can be risky for his life?

Perfect for: He or she who needs courage to take that leap of faith into love, because this movie sure packs in lots of wisdom.

Release date: February 1


7. Moonlight Over BalerTwo couples–Fidela (Elizabeth Oropesa) and Nestor (Vin Abrenica); and Kenji (also played by Vin Abrenica) and Rory (Ellen Adarna)–while 40 years apart, share the same burning passion for their loved ones, but Nestor and Kenji looking alike threatens to destroy beautiful memories and present bliss.

Perfect for: Anyone who's a sucker for long-lasting, albeit complicated, love.

Release date: February 8


8. Sakaling Hindi MakaratingCoping with losing her job and breaking up with her fiance, Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) tries to find ways to make life better–until she receives hand-made postcards from an anonymous person. She decides to embark on a major adventure, visiting the places in the postcards and rediscovering herself in the process.

Perfect for: Those who are feeling as if something is missing in their life; this might just help you find answers. Also any Filipino as this will make you appreciate the beauty of our country more!

Release date: February 1


9. ArrivalAn alien invasion, a possible end of the world, and the grim reality that your daughter will die in the near future... how will Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and Ian Donelly (Jeremy Renner) be able to look forward to their new life as a couple?

Perfect for: Newlyweds!

Release date: February 15



10. The Lego Batman MovieWhile Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) is a well-hailed superhero, he one day realizes the importance of friendship and team work as he battles against The Joker, his archnemesis.

Perfect for: Those who are bitter about being single but fail to realize the importance of friends.

Release date: February 8


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Banner photograph from The Space Between Us official site.




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