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Daily Diaries: #FebruaryHugot—20 Posts Filled With All The Feels

Daily Diaries: #FebruaryHugot—20 Posts Filled With All The Feels

Happy hugot month! There's no other month in the year that's most teeming with feels than February, and we just can't help but marvel at everyone's wit when it comes to how they air out their feels. Whether you're single, taken, or heartbroken, there's something here that you'll be able to relate to:


1. Stay strong everyone!


2. It's a month where everything is sensitive except...


3. Sometimes your best may just not be enough.


4. Looks like ampalaya will be the food of choice this month.


5. It looks delicious and healthy, don't you think?


6. Hugot isn't just limited to love, you know.


7. In love, taking the higher road won't fail you.


8. But you must be mindful of who you give your heart to.


9. Especially since flowers are getting expensive these days.


10. Hey single guys and gals, sound familiar?


11. Never forget, you are not alone.


12. Besides, you've got family and friends you can count on.


13. So remember to be thankful.


14. After all, being single can be a blessing in disguise!


15. As the saying goes: "Love when you are ready, not when you are lonely".


16. What is more important is that you are happy, whether you are single or taken...


17. ... And that you find someone who believes in you.


18. After all, February 14 isn't technically a holiday.


19. And if it won't be as special yet as you hope it would be, there are 364 other days to go all out on romantic love.


20. When all things fail... you can always count on food!


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