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The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Sleek One-Piece Swimsuits And High Waist Bikinis To Jumpstart Summer

The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Sleek One-Piece Swimsuits And High Waist Bikinis To Jumpstart Summer

Now, the more conservative one-piece swimsuit has been given its time to shine again, as well as high waisted bikini bottoms, as long as the look has a glamorous, slightly retro, but not too dated feel. Proof? Even some stars with amazing bods are covering up a bit more because at the moment it's a bit more stylish. Here are six sexy ways we've seen more conservative swimwear styles worn:


1. Anne Curtis. We've seen Anne in other types of swimwear but his red one brings on the retro glam so much more. That crimson color absolutely screams "Queen!" not to mention being on a boat out at sea. Anyone think "Diana" ?


2. Janella Salvador with mom Jenine Desiderio. Mother and daughter songbirds Jenine and Janella stand staring by the edge of the water... okay, cut, we just stopped ourselves from singing from the Moana OST. These talented two look absolutely sweet in black and white. Jenine is poised and cute in a high-wasted bikini (we can't help but think of sexy Betty Boop sans the polka dots) and we're liking the hard outlined cut-out suit Janella is wearing, even from the back.


3. Kiana Valenciano. This pretty white laced up one-piece number on Kiana Valenciano is dainty and pretty but what's more mesmerizing is her exotic, ruddy glow and island gaze. Yup, you make us wish we were there with you, "kianavee" !


4. Solenn Heussaff. Solenn doesn't have to wear a full one-piece number, everyone knows she also looks stunning in a good ol' two-piece bikini, but she still chose to rock this lovely simple suit alongside her hot hubby.


5. Isabelle Daza. We're loving this well-fitted high waist bikini on Mrs. Semblat; here she shares that she's wearing this ensemble as casual wear out in the sun just like the Aussies do, though being a Filipina, she admits to feeling a bit "naked" on the street in just a swimsuit.


6. Liz Uy. If Liz Uy is wearing something, some of us don't even try to over-analyze why she's wearing it, all we see is that it looks good, it looks chic, and she carries style like an absolute pro. It makes sense. This classic black one piece cross-back swimswuit flatters her silhouette and just completes the picture.

The world is heaving a sigh, all around there's a desire for less expectation and pressure.  The edge we all feel about keeping up is something we wish we could shed like a jacket in a room that's way too warm.  When it comes to swimwear while there is still the hope of having that perfect summer body before the season comes around.  In today's modern age though there is also an underlying current of more acceptance and loving the skin or body you're presently in.  Even the average person with the somewhat average body can now be deemed extraordinary if they've got great personality that shows, confidence, and a certain swimsuit style and shape that "suits" them (pun intended).


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