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Love Actually: Vlogger Sweethearts Judy and Benji Travis, The Planet's Most Game Love Team Ever

Love Actually: Vlogger Sweethearts Judy and Benji Travis, The Planet's Most Game Love Team Ever

Judy and Benji Travis rock the internet together as a vlogging couple. Filipina YouTuber Judy was the main act in the beginning and the first one known as a beauty vlogger online with millions of subscribers between her beauty channel ItsJudyTime, her family vlog channel ItsJudysLife, and joint ones from her husband's foodie channel BenjiManTV. Having hubby, Benji, and her three little girls in her life by her side has since transformed her vlogging duties into a fast passion and truly jam-packed way of life.  


A lot of people believe that Benji Travis is part-Filipino. He isn't, though; his dad is a US-based Irishman and his Mom is Japanese. But one of the main things that truly draws online viewers from all over is how truly into one another these two are.


Judy and Benji share in bits and pieces about roughly two or three times in their vlogs about how they met. Benji was actually the friend of the guy Judy's sister was dating in high school, and he came over once as they mention in this video, and he saw her and he remembered how beautiful she was even way back in high school. A video of Benji's marriage proposal, which took place in October of 2010, is also posted on YouTube and embedded in an old blog post of Judy's where she outlined exactly what happened. 

"Is this forreal?! Am I really ENGAGED?! This feeling is completely surreal. I look down on my ring and I still can't believe it :D As you can tell, i'm still in shock. Last night at 10PM Benji proposed :) Heres how it all started.


"Every Halloween we throw a big party. It's one of our biggest parties of the year and definitely the most fun with everyone in their costumes!  So here I am entertaining guests, and Benji pulls me aside saying that we needed to talk. I thought he was upset about something with the party. Maybe an uninvited guest or something around those lines. He pulled me from the party to my next door neighbor's driveway. I had no idea what was going on! Benji said something on the mic standing in the driveway, and the garage started to open!!! Smoke was coming out, and a band was there.. A BAND!!! A band of my close friends Celisse, Wesley, Allen, Randy, and Dustin!! They were AWESOME!!!!! Then theres Benji, singing "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. This has been our favorite song since we've been together almost 4 years now. I couldn't believe Benji was actually singing! This guy NEVER sings! Not even kareoke with close family and friends. Anyway, This is how it happened. How he proposed. I am looking forward to the rest of my life with him. I know this sounds cliche as hell, but I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Thanks for listening guys!" - Judy Gutierrez-Travis


For everyone's viewing pleasure here is that moment where Benji proposed to Judy during Halloween of 2010 exactly as she described, documented by a friend who trailed them from inside the party to the garage where Benji began singing Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning."



"This beautiful woman is amazing. Spend a day relaxing, having fun and date night with me. Get back from everything to finish the vlog. Sleep at 2 and be ready to work at 8. This is on vacation! Don't get me wrong @itsjudytime makes sure to spend quality time with the ladies and myself however every extra moment outside of that and sleep is a hustle. You always praise me for how hard I work but know it's easy to do when I have someone like you to look up to. Love, admire and respect you babe. YOU THE BEST!!!" - BENJI TRAVIS,


Since being married Benji and Judy lead a happily co-dependent relationship and now have three children, all girls, sweet Julianna, followed by the adorable twins, Keira and Miya, who love singing and performing. The couple are also admired for openly managing a family with discipline amidst vlogging, not hesitating to discipline their kids or call a "timeout" when they are misbehaving, like in this video linked by NBC in 2015 when they treated Judy to a spa day, Julianna got a quick time out. 


The Travis family are the real deal and this is what makes them so special, out of many online influencers, vloggers, and bloggers out there they keep the gloss of their content to a minimum and focus more on showcasing genuine life and love as it happens. When ABS-CBN Lifestyle got to chat with Judy at her recent Pixi Beauty VIP gathering here in Manila for the launch of her makeup palettes, we asked her if each video they upload as a family is planned in advance. She shared that they have no time to plan or setup in advance unless it's a special collaboration with other vloggers or a brand, so the vlog has pretty much become like a true live diary for them as life happens. Judy has never personally tried to have extremely setup vlog environments now that she has a family simply because there is no time. It's plain to see that whether there is time for a bit of polish or not, the Travis troop lead a truly full and happy life together and have taken the world in hand alongside them.

Leaving you with more scenes from the Travis family meet-and-greet...


And this cute emoji game with Judy.


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Banner artwork by Jana Jimenez / Photographs from,, and Screencaps from YouTube channels ItsJudyTime and ItsJudysLife 




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