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In Focus: Why Getting Enough Sleep Is Important

In Focus: Why Getting Enough Sleep Is Important


With rough days and sleepless nights studying for school (or binge watching your favorite TV shows or partying with friends), you’ve probably noticed your skin starting to dull—and there’s no amount of makeup that can hide it. The simple answer to this problem? Sleep.

When you’re younger, you’re able to fully regenerate despite lack of sleep. The older you get, however, getting the same amount of Z’s just won’t cut it anymore. add to that the everyday stress your skin has to take, like exposure to UV rays and pollution, there’s so much more it needs to rejuvenate from. “Lack of sleep physically shows on the body and makes you more stressed,” shares Dr. Kelvin Argüelles, a sleep specialist. “It causes physical manifestations on your face, such as dilated blood vessels and dark circles. Overall, it makes you look sad, angry, tired, and even older.”

Much like getting enough water, getting enough sleep is a magic remedy for most body ailments. It should never be taken for granted! Studies have also shown that it’s not just about binge sleeping—meaning, sleeping all day one day then staying up for three straight days—but about getting adequate rest every night. In your teens and early 20s, this means at least five to six hours a night, preferably eight. If you aren’t convinced yet, Chalk runs down the benefits a good night’s sleep can give you!


1. GLOWING COMPLEXION. When you sleep, your body creates human growth hormones crucial to the production of collagen, which, basically, is the secret to keeping skin supple. Spare a few minutes to apply a face mask to boost your skin’s collagen!

Try Leaders Collagen Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask, P98, to refresh your skin.


2. BRIGHTER EYES. Yes, lack of sleep causes dreaded dark circles. Get enough Z’s and you’ll be bright-eyed and bushytailed in the morning. For fresher peepers, make it a habit to apply eye cream every night.

3. SMOOTHER SKIN. A good night’s sleep lets skin cells regenerate. Your facial muscles are able to relax, keeping fine lines at bay. Don’t forget to apply facial moisturizer before going to bed to maintain great skin!

Try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, P2,895, to repair your skin overnight!


4. NO PUFFINESS. Lack of sleep can cause inflammation, which is also linked to several health problems. Get some beauty rest to improve blood pressure that can help reduce swelling in skin.


5. BETTER METABOLISM. As you get older, your metabolism slows down, but zero sleep can also cause it to act differently at any age. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, it’s probably because your system is slowing down.

Try Berocca Mixed Berries, P265, with Vitamin B2 to speed up your metabolism.

A good snooze not only gives you a host of physical benefis, but psychological ones, too. Give your body time to rest to curb anxiety and depression. It also helps give your neurons time to recuperate, improving your memory. 

Try Yogi Bedtime Tea, P259, Healthy Options which has chamomile to relax you before bedtime


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