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Chalk Talk: YouTuber Heart Defensor Talks About Handling Insecurities

Chalk Talk: YouTuber Heart Defensor Talks About Handling Insecurities


By Camille Santiago

Everyone has insecurities and gets criticized. Because of the high standards of beauty the society sets, it’s sometimes hard to be confident. Still, if there’s one thing the world needs now, it’s women who inspire other women to accept their flaws and encourage them to be comfortable in their own skin—just like Heart Defensor or @thatsheart. The Los Angeles-based Filipina YouTuber, who’s always so put-together, admits that she, too, has bad days, but because of her bubbly and positive personality, she handles them like a boss. Here, Heart shares how she gets through her insecurities and how you can, too!

What do you do when you’re having a rough day? 
"Sometimes, it just totally gets to you. What I do is I hug my pets. they help a lot. I hug Junior and I hug Barry. I talk to Arnold, my fiancé. He does a really good job of keeping me sane. I think accepting the fact that you have flaws and just realizing your true worth is important."

How do you handle your haters? "At the end of the day, they don’t know me, and they don’t know what I do. If I could just take them and put them where I am, I think they’d truly understand the hard work I do—but haters are haters. You’re going to get them whether you like it or not, but it’s fine. I may cry about it, but its okay."

What do you do when you can’t help but compare yourself to others? "I just try not to. I think the best way is just to compare yourself to yourself, so you become better than who you were yesterday."

Which confident woman do you look up to for inspiration? "My sister, definitely! She’s just extra confident, which I love about her. She describes herself as a powerful young woman. I can never say that about myself, but I love that. I always do my very best to keep up with her because it’s really inspiring to see so much confidence in just one person. She’s someone who I really admire.

What’s your advice to young girls who are struggling with insecurity? "It’s very hard, I know. I’ve been there and I’m still there. I know it’s difficult, but you should focus on what you like about you and not focus on what other people think of you. Listen to those who actually matter in your life. focus on being you and being the best version of you!"



1. SHE STARTED AS A YOUTUBE FAN. “In 2010, I came to this YouTube meet-and-greet as a fan wanting to meet other Youtubers. I actually became friends with a few of them, and they were the ones who encouraged me to make videos.”

2. SHE WAS A NURSING STUDENT. “Vlogging is completely different from what I was doing before—I was studying nursing, which was very typical Filipino. I was also working as a real estate agent.”

3. SHE TRIED BLOGGING… AND HATED IT. “I don’t think I’m very good with typing and expressing myself through writing. With vlogging, I’m able to show more of my personality. There’s also a better connection between you and your fans. I just really like the interaction.”

4. SHE WAS NEVER THE GIRLY TYPE OF GIRL. “I grew up very boyish. I hung out with my brother a lot and ’yung mga guy cousins ko. Before, people would think I was actually a boy because my hair was very short and I’d dress like one!”

5. SHE AND HER FIANCÉ ARE SELF-PROCLAIMED AMATEUR MOVIE CRITICS. “Arnold and I love to be movie critics. We go to the movies, watch, and then at the end of it, we’d rate the movie. We also recently started watching cooking shows, so, now, we’re on to being Master Chef judges!”



1. "Take care of your skin—it makes a huge difference."

2. "If you find a skin care product that works for you, you should stick to it and never skip a day."

3. "Mascaras, like Benefit’s they’re real! Mascara, really do a great job of making your eyes pop when you’re 'not awake.'"

4. "Use primers. I like Benefit’s Porefessional because it covers my wide pores."

5. "I like Benetint because it’s like stain for your cheeks and lips and doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard."


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Images from Special thanks to Tasha Santos and Benefit Cosmetics.




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