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Hot Stuff: 5 Mushy Reasons To Catch LizQuen In "My Ex and Whys" This February 15!

Hot Stuff: 5 Mushy Reasons To Catch LizQuen In

The love month is here so where is that person you hold dear? Perhaps near, far, or even non-existent (the cry of cynics among you)... or maybe, just around the corner when you least expect it, just like in the case of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil as Cali and Gio in their new movie, My Ex and Whys.  


Sometimes, that around-the-corner unfolding of love is just the beginning, finding someone isn't the end of the story. People make mistakes.  


Cali was once in love with Gio when they found each other early on, it seemed perfect! A bright young girl meets a badass-looking but actually genuinely protective, good guy.  They hit a bump in the road and break up after Gio makes a painful mistake. 


Later on they encounter one another again and love unresolved always has things hanging in the balance. It's bound to poke and melt hearts who know all too well that above all love is a journey... and all of us in it hope that it begins and hopefully ends with one another. Here are a couple of reasons that My Ex and Whys is spot on to watch this Valentine's season.


1. It reminds us that even if something ends with someone, in some cases it's possible for love to come circling back and before that happens you need a clear picture in your head of what you want.


2. It points out the obvious in an entertaining way, that the other person isn't perfect and neither are you.


3. The film shows us the importance of second chances and how the best opportunities for rebuilding love arise from personal time together above all. 


4. Liza and Enrique perfectly portray people who start by trusting one another well from the beginning.


5. When traveling to a scenic place for a second chance, there's an opportunity to bond quicker and make new memories. Watch Liza and Enrique's interview below with Star Cinema about their characters, Cali and Gio.


Romance isn't everything there is to love... there's pain, there's the search to understand, and then there's the second chance. Catch My Ex and Whys in theaters this February 15!


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