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The Six Fix: Famously Fun Ways Miss Universe 2016 Was Celebrated In Manila

The Six Fix: Famously Fun Ways Miss Universe 2016 Was Celebrated In Manila

A lot of you got bit by the Miss U bug, we're pretty sure, sure and pretty, that is. Parties were being thrown left and right before, during, and after the world's biggest and most celebrated beauty pageant. It's fun to sift through a number of ways we've seen people getting into that Miss U spirit and enjoying it all the way!


1. Isabelle Daza. Prepare yourself for the uncanny. Yes, you are NOT looking at Miss Universe 1969 winner, Gloria Diaz. Isabelle, her daughter, came as her mother for a party.


2. The Magandang Buhay Mumshies Melai, Karla, and Jolina. Scrap that gown, Magandang Buhay's most beloved hosts found that it was easier to join in by just wearing the biggest Miss U sashes they could make or find. Strutting their stuff like they all won made all the difference.


3. Scarlet Snow Belo. Oh, dear Scarlet Snow, you always rock our boat and melt our hearts! Countless awws and swoons echoed throughout Instagram for sure when this was posted. This little girl attended a party with her parents and judging from her aunt's video post, it looks like she had an extra fun time. Wanting to go to the "ball" might have meant something else in this scenario.


Whoa! Super baby! Ms Philippines @scarletsnowbelo ?? #BeloUniverse #teamsnowybear

A video posted by Cristalle Pitt (@cristallebelo) on


4. Paolo and Sam Valenciano as "Miss Guided" and "Cheese Miss" at Tim Yap's #TYUniverse. This witty and cool couple keep on hitting it spot on with their costumes, apparently, Whether it's Halloween or not, Paolo and Sam reign supreme as a Miss Guided Samurai and Cheese Miss Mouse, the added touch of Miss Universe spoof sashes from Tim Yap's #TYuniverse party matches their outfits perfectly. With them in costume, trust things to always go right even in a photo that's black plus white.


5. Vice Ganda as Miss Albania. Wit, height, ganda... nothing lacking indeed for Vice to spoof a Miss Universe candidate. That poker face will prod you to laugh even if you don't want to, and so will a throwback video to 2013 below where Vice spoofs the truths behind beauty pageantry.

"Relax ka lang dyan, Maxine.  Ako na bahala kay Albania!" - VICE GANDA



6. Cristalle Belo as a Thai TukTuk vehicle at Tim Yap's #TYUniverse party. When Tim Yap celebrated his birthday it was an all-out bash, he donned a matador-inspired Dolce & Gabbana suit and Cristalle Belo arrived as a custom-made TukTuk from Thailand!


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