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Can Fashion Be An Instrument of Peace?

Can Fashion Be An Instrument of Peace?




‘‘Peace is an attitude. It is a state of mind,” says Arnold Galang when asked about the “I Am For Peace” campaign he is involved in that seeks public support for peace. Fashion is one sector tapped so he adds, “When someone is confident with the way he or she looks, when they know what they want and what they look good in, it helps them achieve that serene sense of being that eventually reflects in their way of thinking and their way of life, with their relationship with one’s self and more so with others.”

Throughout the collection is an apparent sense of serenity brought about by the designer’s use of plush fabric and relaxed pieces that give a feeling of ease. Can fashion really be a precursor to peace? That’s what Arnold is doing right now—finding that middle ground.

On inspiration that’s part cultural and part inspiring: “My Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week collection was inspired by my peace advocacy. In partnership with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), I created a collection with a nationalistic overture inspired by the silhouette of the baro’t saya and the kamisa de chino. The peace leaf also influenced the dominant prints and patterns while colors used were taken from the vintas of Mindanao.”

On the relevance of the “I Am For Peace” campaign: “As a Peace Ambassador of the OPAPP, it is part of my advocacy to help instill peace in the minds and lifestyles of every Filipino in any manner that is possible. As a designer, I have made fashion an avenue and platform to show how, even in a small way, we can instill a sense of peace to a wider audience.”

Favorite looks from the collection: “My favorite pieces are the mixed and matched prints on the tunics with slim pants and the oversized tops over umbrella skirts.”

On the collection’s aesthetic: “Basically they’re loose, slightly oversized, easy to wear. You can mix and match the pieces, which echo a modern bohemian feel.”

On the technicalities of design: “Since I am inclined towards more basic pieces, I play around with proportions to create more interesting twists: Pairing big loose tops over wide trousers, dress-length shift tops over cropped skinny trousers, or cropped tops over long skirts.”

On the Arnold Galang woman: “The AG woman is a woman who is confident and strong, someone who knows exactly who she is and what she likes. An Arnold Galang piece is something that is classic and simple but is trendy and speaks loudly of what is now.”


Originally published in Metro’s January 2015 issue. Styling and full article by Randz Manucom, photographs by Ria Regino, makeup by Ria Aquino for M.A.C, hair by Mark Familara for L’Oréal Professionnel, model Coraleen Waddell for Elite Manila, clothes and shoes, all Arnold Galang. Follow Metro on Instagram and Twitter and like their official Facebook page.




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