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The Six Fix: Celebrity Foodie Moments That Will Have You Experimenting In The Kitchen

The Six Fix: Celebrity Foodie Moments That Will Have You Experimenting In The Kitchen

It may or may not be around mealtime where you are but these photos of what a few celebs are eating are sure to make your mouth water to some degree. Some celebrities happen to be enthusiastic foodies and seeing their posts can't help but make us want to grab a bite! 


1. Luis Manzano. Lucky Manzano loves going scuba diving with girfriend Jessy Mendiola, it's only natural for someone like him to be craving for Filipino seafood when out of town. We love how they grab lunch with hands on a very laid-back, fuss-free setup, doesn't seeing this super typical Filipino spread complete with matching sawsawan make your mouth water? 

"HEAVEN = Tuyo + Inihaw na baboy at manok +talong + tilapia + maanghang na suka at toyo +white/brown rice + eating na nagkakamay with Chopie ?? #casaescondida #anilao @nanaysbuladflakes , the best tuyo from @micasagourmetph" - LUIS MANZANO


2. Solenn Heussaff. Solenn likes to work out and eat healthy, but even with that type of lifestyle she doesn't skimp on flavor! We like this idea of something easily whipped up and thrown together but still fresh and healthy. Plus the added factor of Pinakurat spiced vinegar just ties everything together with a bit of native heat!

"Made brunch before i go to work. Leftover adlai, beef brisket with lemon and chillie, tomato, onion, salted egg and pinakurat. :) #solennCooking" - SOLENN HEUSSAFF


3. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. Juday is one of the few artistas who actually finished a short course in culinary school and just after her, perhaps inspired by his beautiful wife's determination, her husband Ryan Agoncillo also finished the same course, night classes for roughly 20-25 days. It's not surprising that even their son, Lucho, has developed an interest in cooking at a young age. 

"Nangisda, nag ihaw, excited ng kumain! ?? #storiesforlucho #bakawan" - JUDY ANN SANTOS-AGONCILLO
"HEALTHY-ish CARBONARA for dinner (recipe and how to make it on my ig stories ) Naks namen.. #mumimillenial #matrabahopala"- JUDY ANN SANTOS-AGONCILLO


Juday also takes time to nurture her son Lucho's natural cooking abilities, even in connection to fishing!


Our chef for tonight.. ?? #luchosfavoritebeef

A video posted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo (@officialjuday) on


4. Paolo Valenciano. Paolo is not only the man of the house now that he's married and has a baby, he's always been the husband kusinero never shying away from marketing precisely to cook. His particular specialties are simple family style Asian food like Korean BBQ and also fried shrimps, here he tries a take on fried rice with something to spice it up. He often hosts Korean BBQ dinners for friends, the problem is he always takes the picture so we don't see the cook himself.

"Celebrating Chinese New Year by creating my own Mongolian recipe using the best Vietnamese chili sauce.... here in Manila. Cheers to being Asian thank u #SrirachaPH" - PAOLO VALENCIANO


5. Isabelle Daza. A workout and health buff, just like Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, also appreciates fresh organic ingredients in her meals. Here she shoots a special menu of sesame crusted fish that she hopes to recreate herself since she enjoyed it in Australia recently.

"Definitely going to copy this dish and make it at home kamote, poached eggs, quinoa, avocado and sesame crusted trout with the most delicious greens."#BondiWHolefoods "  - ISABELLE DAZA


6. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta. From a true blood millennial teen star it is pretty clear, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta has bloomed into a happy homemaker and lately she's been cooking a lot more and experimenting in the kitchen. She was particularly happy with how this dish turned out and shares her "Chicken Kaldereta" experience, recipe included.

 "Eto na!! Nakita ko sa fb ang recipe na ito. Tried it and it was a success.  Sharing it now to you guys, madali lang. "Kare-kare chicken wings" Ingredients and procedure:  Marinate chicken wings sa olive oil, salt, garlic, pepper, ginger and cayenne pepper. Leave it for 15-30mins. Then dip the marinated chicken wings sa flour at i-deep fry hanggang sa maging golden brown ang chicken. Then set aside...


 Para sa sauce, igisa ang garlic and red onion sa olive oil. Lagyan ng chicken broth, ground peanuts, peanut butter, kasubha, patis, bagoong. Salt and pepper to taste. Haluin at pakuluin ng konti. Pour kare kare sauce sa fried chicken. I-serve ng naka pout ang lips!?? #CasaEscueta" - JOLINA MAGDANGAL-ESCUETA

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