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In Focus: Why Life Is Made Better #WhenWithFilipinos

In Focus: Why Life Is Made Better #WhenWithFilipinos

For the past five years, we have been given a variety of reasons why it's "More Fun In The Philippines." Be it our beaches, our mountains, or even our cities and towns, tourists, both local and foreign, have shared what they love most about the country and why the Philippines is a must-visit.

With a campaign so catchy and so powerful, one might ask: How do you improve on it? This time around, the Department of Tourism strengthened the campaign by giving emphasis to the Filipino people themselves using the slogan “When with Filipinos.” Coinciding with this new campaign, DOT released this video campaign—featuring model and traveler Jack Ellis:


"When you're with Filipinos, you're with family," Ellis said towards the end of the video. Aside from highlighting tourist destinations, “When with Filipinos” highlighted all the good traits and values Filipinos have. What makes us Filipinos fun to be with? Travel website Choose Philippines, which partnered with DOT for the campaign, listed their own reasons why it's fun being with Filipinos (for sure you'll agree with these!):


1. Filipinos like exploring the unknown.


2. You will love to run around (literally and figuratively), having fun traveling.


3. You will go out of your comfort zone and try new things.


4. You will appreciate nature more than ever:


5. You will love staring at the sky at night.


6. You will love the most unexpected of food traits.



7. Filipinos will treat you like family.


Still not convinced why being with Filipinos is more fun? Here are six more reasons:


8. Filipinos always look on the bright side. Even in difficult situations, we always find the good side in things. Vlogger Nas Daily was amazed at how those living in the slums remain optimistic about life. 


9. Filipinos love to smile! No surprise at all: A survey done in 2014 has ranked the Philippines as the 5th Happiest Country in the world, together with Singapore, Switzerland, and Uruguay. Youtuber Bogart the Explorer gives a perfect demonstration to how Filipinos are almost always happy.


10. Filipinos give importance to family. A secret to why Filipinos love to smile, even if the going gets tough? We have support from our families (biological and non-biological). This McDonald's commerical best explains this Filipino trait:


11. Filipinos are oh-so-generous. Whether it may be helping our relatives or doing charity work, you can always count on Filipinos to help you out. After all, studies show that Filipinos are among the most generous in the world.

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12. Filipinos don't back out of a challenge. No matter how difficult things can be, we would always strive to give our best and work hard until we reach our dreams. Is it not the reason why Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is one of the most-loved Miss Universe winners, given the number of challenges she has faced?

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13. Filipinos can be really, really creative. Puns and memes and jokes all.


Sino pa dito may reklamo sa pangalan nila ????????

A photo posted by Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano) on


 Or creating puns out of regular grocery item.


What's your proud #WhenWithFilipinos moment?


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