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The Six Fix: These Helpful Handsome Men Make The World Go Round And Hearts Beat Faster

The Six Fix: These Helpful Handsome Men Make The World Go Round And Hearts Beat Faster

It's a wonderful feeling when a guy has your back. A massive sign that you've found yourself a keeper is that in many ways he makes life easier for you to live and does not abandon his post without good reason. Here are six guys we've spotted who make themselves useful and even more lovable:


1. He helps load and unload the groceries and shopping without being told. Eric Tai recalls how when they were kids, his mother always required they help bring down the groceries to speed it up, also in effect making the point that if they wanted to eat to feed those muscles even more they had to work them first. 

Eric "Eruption" Tai


2. Once in a while he'll do dinner or learn to cook a meal at least on a special occasion. Daniel Padilla cooks for his beloved family once in awhile when he has time and "Queen Mother" Karla Estrada couldn't be happier to be served by her own sweet son.

Daniel Padilla  and his mom, Karla Estrada


3. He brings you coffee or tea at the precise moment before you think you need it. We know how sweet Echo and Kim are. Whether this coffee top-up is some romcom act behind the scenes or a regular thing between them you can still tell in Kim's eyes that she knows her surf-loving, biker boy hubby loves being there for her. Watch his clip from Magandang Buhay below where he deconstructs marriage in a simple realization.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones


4. He puts the baby to sleep and offers to do so instead of waiting to be asked. Paolo Valenciano has been so fulfilled ever since his daughter, Leia, came into his life. Despite the sleepless nights and her finicky waking hours, he cherishes every moment and has become quite the expert at putting her to sleep himself!

 Paolo Valenciano


5. On pets' day out, he's got your back. Billy and Coleen love their pets and together always make sure to give them a day out every now and then. It's a team effort keeping everyone cared for and clean!


6. When you win, he helps you appreciate your own success even more. Genuine guys help you when they rejoice in your success rather than feel insecure after each victory you have. They stand by your side and watch you glow in the limelight and add to the moment by supporting you, making that moment even more special.

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim


Lastly, as a sentimental reminder, you might remember this scene from He's Just Not That Into You where Ben Affleck proves the exact opposite of the movie title and melts us all to mush. Note, prior to Jennifer Aniston's character seeing him there after talking to her brothers-in-law, they're both still presently in the midst of their own breakup.


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