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Cheat Sheet: Here's An Artsy Way To Say “I Love You” On Valentine’s Day!

Cheat Sheet: Here's An Artsy Way To Say “I Love You” On Valentine’s Day!

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that truly counts. So skip the hassle and avoid unnecessary expenses. This coming Valentine's, why not show your love and gratitude through a letter?

Writing one can be time-consuming and a bit old-fashioned. But unlike virtual greeting cards, it’s something your bae can keep for life. Besides, in a world dominated by instant messaging—where social media, SMS, and e-mail make communication less personal—it’s sweet when someone expresses emotions through a handwritten note. Perhaps the effort makes it more heartfelt. Or maybe it’s the idea of how ordinary paper can be turned into a symbol of unconditional love.

And because we want you to earn bonus kilig points, use Craft Easy Color Me Cards should you consider writing one (or more!). These ready-to-color cards come with intricate designs, making your letter way more artsy and special. 


Each handwritten word has to be well thought out. But don’t forget to pay attention to the card’s design as well! Tap into your creative side and play with these über cute Color Me Stickers. Just peel them off, apply them on your gift cards, and voila! Instant #WorkOfLoveAndArt


And if you need a little inspo to say the words you can’t speak out loud, get Craft Easy Metallic and Glittered Gel Pens. Not only will they put glitz and a pop of color to your card, but it will also add beauty and impact to each word you inscribe.


No need to break the bank just to get the best girlfriend award on Valentines. A sweet love letter is everything you need to win your bae’s heart!


Want to use Craft Easy Color Me Card Sets on other special occasions? No worries! They have four different design themes—birthday, floral, butterfly, and baby—so you’ve got lots to choose from! For more #artsy inspiration, you can visit


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