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In Focus: 5 Things To Love About Cutiepie Xia Vigor—"Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids"' Viral Hit

In Focus: 5 Things To Love About Cutiepie Xia Vigor—

“She may be but little, but she is fierce.” Like a lightning bolt out of the sky, child-star Xia Vigor lit up the stage on the TV series, Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. Here's the thing, not only Filipinos caught her amazing acts on stage, the whole world did. Xia has caused a global sensation after her last three outstanding performances on the show with one viral sensation in particular. 


The one that pretty much blew up the internet was Xia's performance of Taylor Swift's “You Belong With Me” which has now reeled in a whopping 8 million views and also scored her a sweet mention on Teen Vogue's website and many other well-known news hubs.  


Xia has done three performances so far, Selena Gomez, Axl Rose, and that viral Taylor Swift rendition which has swept the globe. 

Xia as Selena Gomez


Xia as Axl Rose


Xia as Taylor Swift


Before we get to what we specifically love about Xia, watch her showstopping Taylor Swift performance of "You Belong With Me" here: 


So why is this young girl so endearing? We count the ways:


1. Her playful personality and love for make believe. Even in this clip from a little under two years ago, Xia's love for role playing is already quite evident as she pretends to be a chef in her own restaurant with her brother Liam present as a diner. We also remember her quick but memorable role in the Kidzania TVC ad.

Xia pretending to cook and serve.


Xia in the Kidzania TV Commercial (the Les Miz Drama Queen)


2. Her witty way of being frank and direct, yet honest. In Xia's first taping after performing as Selena Gomez, she gave it straight to Judge Ogie when he tried to rephrase or clarify something he said about her performance, Xia nonchalantly said, "Okay lang po, di na kailangan mag-explain, kasi po baka mahirapan ka pa."  The judges and the audience burst out laughing.


3. When Xia performs, she's determined, and she completely believes in focus! During an interview on Magandang Buhay with hosts Queen Mother Karla Estrada and Melai Cantiveros-Francisco (former contestants as well of Your Face Sounds Familiar), Xia expressed the importance of focus.


4. Xia shakes up the planet just by being herself, strong self-assurance is gold. Being almost 8 years old is tough for some kids (some can't even get past doing their homework without a huge problem), but basically Xia is a working student balancing her child star career both as a singer and an actress on the TV series, Langit Lupa, with her schooling.



5. She's  a kid who claims she enjoys cleaning up. What's not to love? It's rare locally in the Philippines that kids would naturally love to clean up after themselves, but Xia is different as she claims here in her quick interview.

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Photographs from,, and screencaps from Your Face Sounds Familiar's channel 




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