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The Six Fix: Things To Love About A Barkada Breakout Beach Trip (It's JaDine And Friends In Tali!)

The Six Fix: Things To Love About A Barkada Breakout Beach Trip (It's JaDine And Friends In Tali!)

The first thing you hope for in a beach outing, next to perfectly good weather, is the availability of your nearest and dearest. As of now people are already digging into those pockets and counting out the extra for planning their summer beach trips. You can bet that as soon as the climate rises by just a bit towards the end of February, road trips will be in full session towards every long weekend that pops up. James and Nadine were recently in Tali with Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano, and a couple of friends and after seeing all the fun they had, we can't help but get excited about the warmth of summer. Here are a couple of things to look forward to:


1. Planning that road trip playlist. Whether millennial madness or present-day pop, it's up to you and there's nothing like sitting back and customizing your own playlist for the road trip. To make it more democratic, have some of the group send you their lists then combine into one long compilation if you're sharing a vehicle.


2. Enjoying the view and channeling Moana at the sight of the horizon. We're all kids at heart and even some adults couldn't help but sing out to Disney's most recent animated hit. Moana's innate wanderlust resonates with us all. You might want to carefully plant yourself on the nearest cliff and stare out at the horizon for more feels.


3. Taking crazy photos of local wildlife, expect the unexpected, like a "wild James Reid" as his sister Lauren said. Of course, we meant shoot photos, snaps, and stories of each other, but sometimes even we become a little wild once we breathe in the sea air and get a glimpse of trees, sand, and sea.  



4. Marinating together on shore. Be like water babies and do pretend candid shots (that in all fun are actually extremely set up), act like that camera isn't even there, really!


5. Showing off your cliff-dive (kids, don't try this without supervision). Cliff diving scenes are shown pretty often even in films, nothing shouts that you're far away in paradise quite like a beautifully recorded cliff dive. Don't do backflips though unless you truly know how or have done it often, sometimes the simple downward missile drop will do.


Friends, flips and cliffs???????? @jaye.wolf

A video posted by Lauren Reid (@laurenreidabook) on


6. Soaking up all that sun and sky (with sunscreen) to safely generate a bit more color, of course. Today there are so many indie swimwear brands to try out, if you hunt well enough online you'll find some swimwear stockists that might even set you up with a suit or bikini that fits better than certain pieces in retail stores. Out there it is your time to enjoy having your skin set out in the sun, surround yourself with those who respect and love you for who you are during trips like these and there won't be the excessive need to be super conscious about whether you've prepped that beach bod or not, coz you're all in it together.


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