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The Six Fix: Stunning Morenos And Morenas Keeping You In Good Company On The Bronze Side

The Six Fix: Stunning Morenos And Morenas Keeping You In Good Company On The Bronze Side

Deep-colored skin is beautiful, and the stigma that tan or dark is a color you are not "blessed" to have is gradually on its way out, thankfully. If you have it, flaunt it! We're all about that year 'round tan these people don't often have to bake in the sun for because they were born with the color to begin with. These gorgeous men and women are wowing us with their super tones:


1. Isabelle Daza. She's proud that she resembles her former beauty queen mother, Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, and even dressed up like her recently to reenact her mother's winning moment. Isabelle's beautiful complexion is spiced and nice and it's lovely that she takes exceptional care of herself by staying fit. She recently wed her looker of a husband, Adrien Semblat last year in Italy.

Isabelle Daza (right) as her mother, Gloria Diaz (left) . Makeup and Styling for Isabelle by Anthea Bueno and Liz Uy .


2. Zanjoe Marudo. My Dear Heart's own hot male lead still sizzles on cam. The cliche "tall, dark, and handsome" is a perfect fit when it comes to Zanjoe. Watch out, because this heartbreaker is reaching new levels as an actor on nationwide primetime tv. When he cries onscreen you feel it, his acting has just grown in so many ways over the years after a number of film projects with excellent colleagues.

Zanjoe Marudo plays loving and doting father Jude de Jesus in new series, "My Dear Heart" on Primetime Bida.


3. Maxine Medina. We're rooting for our own bronze beauty on our sunny homecourt! Maxine naturally exudes joy through her sunkissed Filipina skin. She's determined to defend the crown and make the Miss Universe pageant experience a back-to-back win!  Maxine also knows how to do her own hair and makeup for the pageant just as Miss Universe Winner Pia Wurtzbach did.

On the red carpet, hair and makeup by Maxine Medina


4. Donny Pangilinan. Describe and define online mania and you'll sort of have an idea of what it is that Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan's tall and handsome moreno son, Donny Pangilinan, causes whenever he posts. His notifications are like popcorn whenever he uploads a simple picture even with just a one-word caption. 

Donny has over 140,000 fans on Instagram alone and more everywhere else; his is a fandom that freshly ballooned in just under the last two years. They love his Filipino boy next-door vibe, game attitude to dance, and charming smile


Now a fresh graduate out of highschool from Brent, former track star Donny loves the beach, basketball, and comfortable athleisure-ish style.  

We love how he reversed colors at the Star Magic Ball and wore a black inner shirt with a white tie, slick!  Quick feet, a bright smile, and positive winning attitude keep this guy on the go. 


5. Liz Uy. One of Philippine fashion's most successful stylists has made her way internationally as well. It's unique in Liz's case because as a stylist she doesn't just work behind the scenes, she shines in her own space, too. She also looks pretty good wearing high fashion on herself as well. We also agree that her morena skin ultimately just adds to her standout look.


6. Jericho Rosales. Echo aka "Mr. Manileño" has that rugged, adventure, and beach-loving ruddy complexion. We like guys who go out and embrace life to the fullest and Echo and his wife Kim have travel and adventure on their end in bags of abundance. Road trips to La Union and surfing are their favorite ways of "chilling under the sun," which sounds kind of ironic but you get it.


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