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The Six Fix: Too-Hard-To-Resist Reasons To Give Scrapbooking A Try This 2017

The Six Fix: Too-Hard-To-Resist Reasons To Give Scrapbooking A Try This 2017

With 2017 in full swing, have you decided on what new thing you want to try out this year? Here’s an idea: Give scrapbooking a go. If you don’t think it’s for you, here’s our answer to that: Trying out something new means keeping an open mind. With that said, here’s our attempt to convince you to finally dive into the wonderful world of scrapbooking!


1. It’s fun! Before anything, know this: Scrapbooking is fun! It may not seem that way if you haven’t tried it yet, but once you get into it, you’ll be hooked. It could be your new hobby—or your lasting obsession.


2. Do it for the memories. The first date. The day you got your adorable golden retriever. That one time you bumped into Liza Soberano. At some point, these memories will fade. You’ll remember that it happened, but you won’t recall exactly how it went down. Through scrapbooking, these will be forever etched in paper. It’s a form of journaling, and it allows you to document exactly what you saw, heard, or felt at that particular moment—a vivid stroll through memory lane.


3. Your photos deserve a better home than your phone’s folder. Most likely, your enormous gallery of photos reside in your phone. Don’t you think these snapshots of your life deserve to have a better home? Moreover, these could be wiped out at any time, before you even get the chance to save them in a computer or a hard drive (both of which could break down as well). Your phone is excellent for many things, but it’s probably not the best way to store precious memories. A scrapbook makes a great abode for your cherished photos.


4. It soothes the soul. Scrapbooking is the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. Do it while sipping on a cup of joe, with your favorite tunes playing in the background, and you’ll understand what we mean.


5. It gives you a chance to reflect. Life goes by pretty fast. And for the most of it, you rarely get the time to reflect. Scrapbooking provides an opportunity to see things in a better light; reminding you that despite the bad, there’s a lot of good to appreciate. Like that time that you were praised by your mentor for a job well done. Or the delicious dinner that you were able to enjoy with your sweetheart after a long day at work. The day to day may be tough, but taking the time to stop and reflect on things is a huge help in having a more positive mindset.


6. It unleashes your creativity! You can go about scrapbooking in literally hundreds of ways, employing different materials and designs... go crazy with it! Along with your prized photos, you may use gel pens, stickers, gems, flowers, ribbons, and whatever else comes to mind. Craft Easy can serve as your creative companion for such, as it boasts of a wide range of crafts materials (from the scrapbook itself to pens to embellishments and so much more!) that you can utilize to glam up your very own treasure trove of memories.

Make sure your scrapbook gleams with gems from Craft Easy!


It's never too late to start scrapbooking; and the best time to begin working on your craft is now. Hope this convinced you to finally try your hand at it!


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