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In Focus: 10 Times Enrique Gil Showed Off His Love For Liza Soberano Through Pictures

In Focus: 10 Times Enrique Gil Showed Off His Love For Liza Soberano Through Pictures

In the noisy world of social media, it can sometimes be hard to weed out what's legit from what's not, but if there's one thing we're totally feeling the sincerity of, it's Enrique Gil's showcase of personal moments featuring his loveteam partner Liza Sobrano—start scrolling to see the love flowing:


These two are all about sharing sweet and silly snaps, including this birthday greeting of Enrique where he used a super cute photo of Liza, all dolled up. "Before this japanese cutie ends her bday i want to be the last to say happy birthday to my (love) another year has gone by and god you are shining brighter each day stay the same and stay kind at (heart) as u always are i love you and happy birthday. rock this year." he wrote.


Sometimes there's a little mystery behind the images Enrique shares on Instagram, but that's what makes them all more exciting! 


Sometimes it's silly selfies, other times it's red carpet photos; but they're just always cute.


Enrique and Liza are serious relationship goals. The two both hustle toward their own ambitions, and still seem to manage to find plenty of time to travel, love, and have fun with each other.


The pair is frequently sharing loved-up selfies and cute messages to one another. Keeping it short and sweet, Enrique captioned this photo, "Ma princess."


While it's always the thought that counts, we always hope that our special someone loves the present we give. Enrique totally impressed Liza with his most recent birthday present for her. "I literally cried when opening a huge package which was supposedly my "birthday gift". I've been wanting to buy this bag forever but its nearly impossible to find one with the specifications I wanted, but this man conquered the impossible and got it for me. Thank you for making me the happiest and thank you for making my dreams come true @enriquegil17." she wrote.


That cute moment when Enrique shared his drink with Liza Soberano! But oops, seems like he finished it all. 


Some guys think that giving flowers is pointless because the flowers will eventually die. Well, guess what? That's actually the part that we love. "Flowers for me???" Liza posts this photo of Enrique on her Instagram account and yup, we think she likes it too! 


Finding the perfect travel buddy can be a tricky business, no one wants to end up clashing while you’re on the road. But how do you know when you’ve found that special someone? Simply look for the signs… Here's a selfie of one of our favorite loveteams enjoying their plane ride while watching a movie. 


Because there's nothing more fun (and sweeter) than hacking your special someone, especially when it's as cute as this! 


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