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Cheat Sheet: Maxine Medina’s Best Tips On Achieving A Miss Universe Body

Cheat Sheet: Maxine Medina’s Best Tips On Achieving A Miss Universe Body

Sports U recently caught up with Maxine Medina to talk about how she’s been prepping for the upcoming Miss Universe 2016 pageant. They followed her during a Zumba sesh with this year's Miss Philippines hopefuls and asked her how different she feels from the time she won Miss Philippines to now as a contestant for Miss Universe.

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But what the interview really focused on though, was the kind of training she goes through. There is, of course, walking, fitness, and communication. But she also gave advice to girls on how to achieve a body like hers. The tips?


1. Get good sleep. She recommends 6-7 hours.


2. Work out at least thrice a week. Maxine says working out will not only remove toxins from the body, but it’ll also benefit you spiritually and emotionally by relieving stress and sadness.


3. Make time to work out. Besides the rigorous training she undergoes for the competition and despite the crazy schedule it demands, Maxine still manages to squeeze in squats and planking exercises every morning when she wakes up.


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Watch the full interview below:


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