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In Focus: Which ASAP BFF5 Babe Are You? Find The Fun Behind These Gorgeous Faces

In Focus: Which ASAP BFF5 Babe Are You? Find The Fun Behind These Gorgeous Faces

Ready or not, here they come, you can't hide: ASAP's BFF5 girls are in the house! They're all beautiful yet all different, you know what they all say about the power of diversity. Ylona Garcia, Kira Balinger, Loisa Andalio, Andrea Brillantes, and Marie Steller are captivating fans left and right. The ASAP BFF5 girls are bright, beautiful, stylish, and are delighting their online audiences 24/7... get ready for a TV takeover, too! Find out more about them below and you decide, which ASAP BFF5 babe are you?


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1. Do you catch zzzs on-the-go like YLONA GARCIA? When you're someone like Ylona, you're bound to have an extremely busy schedule. People don't realize how tough it can be for showbiz talents, so once in awhile just like Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings (who can sleep anywhere even standing up) she catches her Zs.  Of course when this happens you don't exactly suspect someone will take a photo of you... then again no harmd done, because what a sleeping beauty this young lady is.


2. Do you play instruments or share photos of what you love eating like MARIE STELLER? Marie sings similarly to Norah Jones and loves playing the guitar, piano, and ukulele. She is expressively grateful for everything that's come her way. Fondly nicknamed "Maris," Marie's laid back style and soft, yet intense, stare (to have both in one look is a gift) has captured the hearts of Filipinos worldwide since people got to know her on Pinoy Big Brother All-in. She's also quite the coffee bug and shares her love for that online.



3. Are you a career-driven shoe freak and more focused like LOISA ANDALIO? Loisa genuinely loves makeup and stylish shoes and yet maintains her gorgeous simplicity. This former PBB All-in star began her career in entertainment as part of an all-girl music and dance group called 3G, they performed publicly in fiestas and events. As of two years ago, in an interview on now-defunct evening talk show Aquino and Abunda, she shunned plans of having a relationship to make room for focusing on building her talent. We wonder if perhaps, in the last two years she's grown, maybe plans have changed? Who knows, Loisa has bloomed and worked really hard to get to this level of her career.



4. Are you an Inglesera at heart and into music and songwriting like KIRA BALINGER? UK-born and raised Kira Balinger sings, plays, and writes songs as well. The Story of Us TV star who acted alongside Kim Chiu has bloomed into a beautiful mestiza and her down-to-earth yet cheerful personality delights her fans all the time in addition to her sincerely sweet singing trips which she posts every once in awhile. In a Kapamilya Chat interview and a "This or That" sesh, Kira chose tisoy vs. moreno (hmm! lol), chocolates over flowers, flats over heels, food trips over shopping trips, Paris over Maldives, and black over pink!



5. Are  you a hair and style chameleon like ANDREA BRILLANTES? Andrea has long outgrown her child-star role as Annaliza and she's definitely no longer a Going-Bulilit baby! She's grown up to be a super hot and alluring cutie! Being the veritable chameleon of the BFF5, Andrea never shies away from trying out new hair colors, hairstyles, or outfits which shows her strong sense of individuality. Her bang on brows, baby doll eyes, and full lips sizzle as well and her sweetheart vibe continues to melt hearts online and all over the country.


Different strokes for different folks indeed!  We love these girls for the diverse beauty that they bring on together; it wouldn't be exciting at all if they all had the exact same interests and goals in life. What's fab though is they're taking all their varying likes and dislikes, dreams, wishes, and hopes and choosing to journey together. That's what makes watching this girl group so exciting.


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