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In Focus: Raph Rogoff—Cherie Gil's New York-Based Son—Is More Than Your Average Hottie

In Focus: Raph Rogoff—Cherie Gil's New York-Based Son—Is More Than Your Average Hottie

Cherie Gil has to be one of the most #blessed mothers out there, what with her lovely children, one of which has made social media swoon and fall in love these past few days.

A combination of Cherie's Swiss-German, Spanish, and Kapampangan heritage, along with the Israeli heritage his father, renowned violinist Rony Rogoff, Raph is easy on the eyes and is a definite headturner. It's really surprise that Raph has been the talk of the town since Cherie started occasionally posting photos of him on her Instagram feed. 

Raph with dad Rony.


Raph with mother Cherie.


Yet while his looks alone are enough to make ladies get kilig, we found out that he is more than your average hottie. Here are six things that will interest you more about this cutie:


1. He's got a good head on his shoulders and has school as his main priority. Raph just graduated from Scarsdale Senior High School in July 2016, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree at New York University (NYU). Aside from school, he interned as a brand representative for clothing brand Abercrombie.

He definitely loves his life as a New Yorker! 


2. He is close to his cousins! While Raph is based in New York, he spends time with cousins Geoff Eigenmann, Max Eigenmann, and Andi Eigenmann, when he is in the Philippines.

Good times with his cousins!


3. He loves his family! Even if Cherie and Rony have separated amicably in 2008, Raph remains close to both his parents and his sister Bianca, who is studying Drama at NYU. On his Instagram feed you'll find photos, both current and throwback, of Rony, Cherie, and Bianca, and even better, heartfelt messages he wrote for each of them.

They all find time to be together when possible.


4. He is an adventure seeker. While Raph is enjoying life in the Big Apple, he also has a penchant for traveling, exploring parts of Cambodia and Vietnam recently. Be it climbing tree branches, riding an elephant, or running through the steps of Angkor Wat, Raph is always game for a memorable experience.

 Nothing scares this adventure-seeking cutie.


 Both Raph and Bianca have a penchant for traveling and trying out new things.


5. He is… taken. Sorry girls, but this handsome guy is in a happy relationship with Solveig Martin, who is also a student at NYU. How much do they love one another? Let these photos do the talking.

 Solveig is one lucky girl indeed.


They look gorgeous together, don't you think?


6. He loves dogs! Aside from his girlfriend, two furry friends, in the form of poodles, also own a part of Raph's heart. 

The two poodles are so close to Raph, they're in sync when it comes to posing!


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