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In Focus: Relive The Kilig Feels With These Best Moments From "Til I Met You"

In Focus: Relive The Kilig Feels With These Best Moments From

Like many Jadine fans out there, we’re pretty bummed that Til I Met You is ending today.  But before the last episode airs, we wanted to recount some of our favorite kilig moments between the show’s main characters, Basti Valderama (James Reid) and Iris Duico’s (Nadine Lustre).

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From the moment they met up until their marriage, Basti and Iris’ relationship has been filled with crazy twists and turns. But through it all, there have been plenty of kilig moments that made (and still makes) us fall more in love with the couple.  Here’s a recap of some of our faves:


When Basti convinced Iris to jump off a cliff, assuring her that he wouldn’t let go. 


When Basti recorded Iris singing at Helena and Ned’s and then joined in.


When Basti and Iris confessed their love for each other and shared their very first kiss on a rooftop! (Also nakakakilig: When Iris pushed him away for a brief second, only to end up kissing again).


While in Greece, Basti told Iris he would follow her back to the Philippines. 


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Basti got a hold of Iris’ home address and visited her there.


Iris attempts to scare Basti in a haunted house fails. At first, she doesn’t understand why he seemed upset (as she was only trying to find out if anything scared him). It isn’t until he admits that he is scared of losing her.



When Basti proposes in the most unlikely place! Determined to not fail, he got down on one knee right then and there, bit a piece of his bracelet off and made a ring out of it.



When Iris prepares the next best thing to a fine dining meal–food that she herself cooked on their first night in their new home.


Iris and Basti get stranded on an island.  But while there, Basti sets up a fake church wedding to show his love and commitment to Iris.


Basti surprises Iris with yet another marriage proposal, this time, in front of their friends and family!



Basti as he watches his bride, the soon-to-be Mrs. Valderama walk down the church aisle. 


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