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In Focus: These Pinay Celebrities And Hollywood Stars Can Totally Pass As Siblings

In Focus: These Pinay Celebrities And Hollywood Stars Can Totally Pass As Siblings

We had so much fun comparing local celebrities to Disney princesses and other animated characters in a separate article, that we decided to try likening them to actual Hollywood celebrities. Here are some of the duos we came up with. Tell us, do you agree with what we chose? 


1. Solenn Heussaff could be Maggie Q. The Designated Survivor star was our instant pick for Solenn. Both are half-European, half-Asian (Solenn is French-Filipina while Maggie is of Irish, Polish, and Vietnamese descent). And if the resemblance doesn't end there, check out how both girls just happen to be posing sideways for their selfies [while prepping for set].   


2. Sarah Lahbati could be Dove Cameron. We stumbled upon this throwback photo of Sarah Lahbati and could've sworn we were looking instead at the 21-year-old Disney star. Had Sarah kept her blonde locks (or if Dove suddenly decided to dye her hair brown), they could probably pass off as twins. 

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3. Anne Curtis could be Lea Michele. Full lips? Check!  Strong cheekbones? Check! I-just-got-out-of-bed hair? Also check!  Need we name more?


4. Pokwang and Lee O'Brian could be Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Wouldn't you agree that Pokwang and her actor partner look very similar to the Elementary co-stars?  


5. Arci Munoz could be Kylie Jenner. Save for the hair color and accessory choices, everything about Arci Munoz's makeup game is practically similar to what we normally see on the lip kit mogul.

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6. Xia Vigor could be Taylor Swift. 7-year-old Xia Vigor made international headlines after impersonating Swift on the January 14 episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Besides, of course, her rendition of You Belong With Me, Xia's red lip, curly locks and sparkly dress are on point with the pop singer's concert look!. 


7. Paolo Ballesteros could be Mariah Carey. Paolo has the God-given gift of transforming himself into any celebrity imaginable. One of his most recent picks? The legendary Mariah Carey! We especially love how he copied her down to the sequin bodysuit she wore on New Year's Eve.  


8. Georgina Wilson could be Leighton Meester. It doesn't take much for the 'it' girl to look like singer-actress Leighton Meester. Comparisons between them go as far back as Meester's Gossip Girl days.  


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