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Daily Diaries: FEU's Move To Make Their Campus More LGBT-Friendly Is Such A Winner

Daily Diaries: FEU's Move To Make Their Campus More LGBT-Friendly Is Such A Winner

Let's face it: Even if our country is tagged as one of the most gay-friendly countries, the Philippines still has a long way to go, what with a lack of an anti-discrimination law as one of the major factors.

The good news is, more and more steps are being taken to shed light on the harsh realities our LGBT countrymen are facing: There are movies that succinctly tackle LGBT issues, more and more transgender males and females who are openly discussing their struggles, and the establishment of all-gender bathrooms. And we now also have our first transgender politician, Rep. Geraldine Roman.

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Here's a new positive development towards equal rights for LGBT groups: At the Far Eastern University, there is now a more LGBT-friendly school uniform policy, allowing students to cross dress as long as they adhere to the proper dress code. FEU is now amongst the ranks of universities that have been putting extra effort to making their campus more friendly for LGBT groups, like Ateneo and UP. 

“Student leaders should therefore formulate resolutions that emphatically address the needs of minority groups and use their on-the-ground knowledge and experience to represent more genuinely the students' voice,” Student Development (SDev) director Joeven Castro explained in a statement.


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