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Chalk Talk: Meet The Modern Romeos of JTR

Chalk Talk: Meet The Modern Romeos of JTR


By Shekinah Viernes


After going through the rigorous experience of competing on The X-Factor, JTR—composed of brothers John Andreasson, Tom Lundbäck, and Robin Lundbäck—skyrocketed to fame, their own fandom in tow. Not only do these Swedish cuties have perfect harmony, they also have the most handsome faces and incredible personalities to boot! Just like other boy bands before them, these lads will surely melt your heart with their smooth vocals and LSS-inducing songs. Growing up in a family that loves music, the boys started writing songs together as kids and enjoyed working with each other so much that they eventually went on to form a group and join the popular reality talent search. Their music is a mixture of rhythmic acoustic and pop, very One Direction- and Coldplay-inspired, that it’s no wonder their fans are so head over heels for them!

While dancing isn’t one of their strengths, John, Tom, and Robin know their musical instruments very well. Another thing these lads are good at? Smiting hearts over and yonder, of course!

For JTR fans who weren’t able to catch them on their Touchdown tour in Manila, there’s still plenty of hope to catch a glimpse of them! They’re set to release a second album in 2016 and will definitely visit the Philippines again—maybe even stay a bit for the beaches and tropical sun—so, watch out! Find out who among the JTR boys is for you here!


For the no-frills type who loves food and sports, John is the guy for you!


Being the eldest among the three, the 25-year-old is understandably the most serious and most mature—even tom and Robin agree. John is the one responsible for ensuring they’re on time at shows, rehearsals, and, basically, every commitment they have as a group. As the more experienced big brother, he’s very generous in providing life lessons and advice to his younger brothers. He plays guitar in almost all of their shows, but, other than being good at his craft, he also exercises his athletic bone by playing hockey. When asked how he treats the girl he loves, he says he likes to cook her real good food! Unfortunately for his fans out there, he’s already married (what a lucky girl his wifey must be!), but that wouldn't make us crush on him less!

For the fun gal who loves chill and thrill, Tom is your match!


If we're to believe his brothers, tom has the "prettiest" face among them. Fittingly the middle brother, he got his sense of responsibility from john and his dash of playfulness from Robin. Although he's the silent type, this cutie is most certainly not boring, with park our as his main hobby. Tom’s also quite the romantic. He says he's quite the pleaser for a girl he likes. John jokingly adds that Tom fell in love five times during their tour! Asked if it's possible for him to fall in love with a Filipina, this dream boat gave a resounding yes!

For the good-vibes girl who loves to laugh and be cheesy, Robin is your kind of guy!


Among the three, Robin is considered the joker—and don’t girls just love it when a guy can make them laugh? The 21-year-old is easy to talk to and will surely make you smile, and there's never a dull moment with him. Just how funny is Robin? He says his talent is "eating chicken" and is the most game to demo their cute Swedish accent. He’s got real talent, though, which is rapping! Not many know that jokester Robin is also sweetie. He admits writing a song and cooking for his girl as his no-fail dating moves!


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Photographs by Toff Tiozon / Styling Camille Santiago / Assisted by Red Dimaandal / Grooming Hanna Pechon of Shu Uemura and Jet Babas / Special thanks to Denise Sia of Ivory Music And Video. 




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