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In Focus: Know How YOU Can Help Save The Earth

In Focus: Know How YOU Can Help Save The Earth

By Mariel Abanes


Once, the world was green, alive with all its inhabitants—living and non-living—clean, and peaceful to live in. Fast-forward to billions of years after, and it is no longer the lush paradise it used to be—but there is still time to save it. I Hear (the Philippines) Singing The Youth, as protectors of the world, can do so much to bring back the beauty of Mother Earth! This is the environment we live in and where all our needs are met—food, air, water, you name it—so caring and taking action is a mandatory step.

A campaign called Greeneration: #NowPH is taking part in the green revolution, raising awareness among young men and women to address and anticipate the growing effects of climate change, as well as promoting actions to prevent further damage to the Earth. “The campaign envisions a unified movement of empowered Filipino youth for a climate change-resilient Philippines,” explains assistant secretary and deputy executive director of the Climate Change Commission, Joyceline Goco. They also partnered with the National Youth Commission to fortify the participation of young people to this cause. Everyone can join through offline signing and online and social media pledging. For more information, log on to




The facts you need to know

• The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate and disaster risks, ranked second in the world by the United Nations’ 2014 World Risk Report, due to its geography, geographic location, and poverty situation.

• A World Bank study emphasizes how sea level rise threatens coastal communities. Droughts, on the other hand, have been seriously affecting health and agricultural productivity.

• People are the biggest contributors to the increase in greenhouse gases, the cause of global warming. Various activities of human beings, like cutting forest trees, burning fossil fuels, or throwing trash on the street, add to the already thick blanket of harmful haze.

• The potency of methane in the atmosphere is now at an all-time high, already 21 times more than that of carbon dioxide.


Why do you think caring about climate change is important? CHALK asked around the campus!


“Climate change is a very big problem in the world, especially in the Philippines, a typhoon-prone country. We can’t really prevent typhoons, so it’s best to be prepared. I’m just a student, but my
school participates in drills every month or so and it teaches us how we can keep safe all the time.” —Anika, Colegio San Agustin Makati

“I think climate change has become an increasingly alarming issue over the years. The youth has to do something more than just raise awareness—more  than just knowing about climate change, we also have to realize its effects. We’ve brushed it off for so long, even though it’s such an enormous problem. If we don’t start the change now, we’re risking what we can be and what the world will be. We have to take a step towards diminishing the problem and taking a stand.” —Beatrice, Colegio San Agustin Makati

“If we don’t care for the environment, it can be that the next generation will not experience the world as we have experienced it. There are many simple things we can do to help address climate change, like reducing our wastes by bringing our own spoon and fork when eating out and using scratch paper for drafts.”—Joan, Philippine Normal University

“To care about climate change is important because we can all contribute in our own way. I plan to do my part as a student-leader in my school by starting activities that will benefit the environment.”
Justin, San Beda College

“We are just one of the inhabitants of Mother Earth—if we do not care about the issue of climate change, we have everything to lose. Wala namang ibang mag-aalaga sa environment kung hindi tayo lang, so dapat tayo rin ’yung maging responsible sa pagtulong para malampasan ang problema.”—Ravina, University of Makati



Help join the cause for a better world by committing to do these simple LEDs (Low Emission Development strategies)!

1. Grow a tree.

2.Unplug and switch off.

3. Goodbye plastic, hello eco-bag.

4. Segregate trash.

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

6. Say no to burning of wastes.

7. Promote renewable energy.

8. Bring your own tumbler.

9. Use energy efficient appliances.

10. Walk, bike, or carpool.

11. Recycle electronics and batteries.

12. Promote environmental and energy awareness.

13. Use pails, dippers, and cups.

14. Think before you print.

15. Support earth-friendly products.


With the heart and the will to battle this problem, you can become a hero simply by taking a step forward and following the right path to heeding the needs of Mother Earth. In this world, after all, it’s a simple matter of give-and-take!

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Image courtesy of Greeneration: #NowPH




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