In Focus: Why Anne Curtis And Isabelle Daza's Apps Deserve Precious Mobile Phone Space

In Focus: Why Anne Curtis And Isabelle Daza's Apps Deserve Precious Mobile Phone Space

'It' girl Anne Curtis says the idea came to her while jogging with friends.

“It really just started na parang lahat kami nag-jogging tapos lahat kami nag-be-breakfast kasi so we just happened to be speaking about it and yun yung company nung isang ka-triathlon. Biglang sa usapan naging totoo na siya na, 'Tara, let's put together a company!," she recounts in an interview with Push.

That company is what we know today as Xeleb Technologies, Inc, or Xeleb, which pioneered the celebrity-branded gaming industry in the Philippines.  

Almost two years have passed since Anne and Isabelle launched their apps, an in this latest Instagram post from Anne, we're assured that we can definitely expect more to come in the months ahead. For now, here's a rundown of what their games are about, and how to get them for yourselves:


Anne Galing! by Anne Curtis. In what is considered the first celebrity app in the country, players can dress Anne up in different #OOTDs. Her app works like a Match-3 game; to get more outfits, all you need to do is match lines of 3 or more gems. The outfits range from casual clothes, to trendy pieces, to costumes actually worn at her Anne Kapal concert.    

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What makes this app so special? The 31-year-old was very hands-on with its design, and made sure it reflected her personal taste. Not only are Match-3 games her favorite, but Anne Galing! also incorporates her love for fashion. Fans can feel the effort that she put into it, and still have fun.

Download AnneGaling on Google Play

Trip ni Belle by Isabelle Daza.  This 'it' girl's app invites players to help her pack and travel the world in style. Like Anne Galing!, you can choose the kinds of outfits she wears.

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Trip ni Belle mixes the actress' love for travel and fashion. Fans will get to be like her, in a sense, by carefully curating travel essentials and making sure to avoid unnecessary items (or things, as she says, are "so not Belle"). It also takes players to different countries. The game begins with Belle in the Philippines and eventually progresses to others such as Japan, Australia, and Italy. Every country has its own outfit combo which players themselves can unlock.

Download Trip ni Belle on Google Play



We can also expect to see food blogger Erwan Heussaff and anchor Kuya Kim Atienza develop their respective gaming apps as well.  Stay tuned!


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