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Hot Stuff: What If Liza, Anne, Nadine, And Kathryn Were Cartoon Characters?

Hot Stuff: What If Liza, Anne, Nadine, And Kathryn Were Cartoon Characters?

At one point or another, a lot of us might have tried to imagine what animated character we might be if we got the chance to be one. To have a bit of fun, we had a look at several animated characters and some of our beloved local celebrities and tried to spot who reminded us of who. Here are 10 character representations we came up with (the journey to create these pairings was brief but interesting!).


1. Anne Curtis might be Snow White (Snow White). With her fair complexion, semi-wavy cut, and red lips (even without lipstick, her lips blush) Anne Curtis, without a doubt, is our very own Snow White.


2.  KZ Tandingan and Iñigo Pascual might be Tinkerbell and Peter Pan (Peter Pan). This has to be one of the cutest pairs by far, nearly putting only KZ as Tinkerbell we stumbled upon this cute tandem shot of Iñigo and KZ. I couldn't help but think, life, just for this shoot, imitates art indeed, Tinkerbell shouldn't be without Peter!


3. Jessy Mendiola might be Ariel (The Little Mermaid ). Jessy's flowing reddish brown hair a while back certainly reminded us of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, not to mention her natural flush and teenager-esque smile.


4. Liza Soberano might be Princess Jasmine (Aladdin). Liza is for sure a showbiz princess and her sharp yet at the same time refined features and face shape immediately resemble Aladdin's own crush, Princess Jasmine.


5. Maja Salvador might be Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). She's plucky, sultry, slightly tan, pretty, and light on her feet. Maja Salvador stuns on stage just as Esmeralda does in this scene from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The dance in the animated film affirmed this on-point comparison.


6. Yeng Constantino might be Pocahontas (Pocahontas). As Pocahontas sings to the sky, so does Yeng Constantino with her talent and grace. Long flowing hair and that lovely medium Filipina complexion matches Pocahontas' beautifully deep American-Indian skin.


7. Nadine Lustre might be Mulan (Mulan). Lately on 'Till I Met You, Nadine's character Iris struggles, often finding herself in a relationship pickle or challenge of some sort. If there's one animated character who struggled to find out who she was meant to be, it was Mulan. Nadine's chinita eyes and straight, dark hair align similarly with Mulan's appearance.


8. KC Concepcion might be Belle (Beauty and the Beast). Before Belle loved the Beast, it was certain she loved her loyal mount, her horse, Philippe. KC Concepcion, who also played Belle when Beauty and the Beast The Musical was staged here, loves riding horses. She also considers riding to be an additional outdoor workout.


9.  Elisse Joson might be Megara (Hercules). Megara who was at first strongly in denial of her feelings for Hercules must be one of the coolest, funniest animated ladies out there. Elisse Joson's beautifully teased hair, steely eyes, and gorgeous face shape are what pair her with Megara here.


10. Kathryn Bernardo might be Kayley from Quest for Camelot. Here we see the same strength of expression, ponytail, and pink lips from two pretty ladies, Kathryn and Kayley. Kayley is the only non-Disney girl from this list from Quest for Camelot which was way more famous for its theme song, The Prayer (Andrea Boccelli and Celine Dion) than the actual film. Kayley is no-less admirable than any of the Disney princesses, after the early loss of her father, Sir Lionel, Kayley, tomboyish as she may be, longs for victory and adventure. When her territory is taken hostage along with her mother, she escapes and tries to find the sword excalibur only to meet and eventually fall for blind young man, Garrett, in the forest.


11. Amazing Race Asia finalists Eric "Eruption" Tai  and wife Rownita might be Moana and Maui (Moana). Last but not the least, he was for sure strongly missed on It's Showtime during the day when he left to compete for Amazing Race Asia, but we can't help but be proud of Eric "Eruption" Tai and his wife Rownita for placing in the Top 3 of the competition. Even without long curly hair, Eric's massive build and Rownita's sunny smile can't help but remind us of that couple to contend with, Maui and Moana.


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