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Daily Diaries: You’ll Be Amazed At How Generous Filipinos Can Be

Daily Diaries: You’ll Be Amazed At How Generous Filipinos Can Be

It’s a given fact: Filipinos are hospitable and generous to their guests, and most foreigners appreciate and commend this trait every time they visit the Philippines. Some might ask: To what extent is the generosity of Filipinos? Vlogger Nas Daily (Nuseir Yassin in real life), best known for his daily short videos, figured it out himself.

In day 276 of his daily vlog, Nas tried as a social experiment: If it is possible to survive the day thru the generosity of people. Turns out: Filipinos can be extra generous at times! In the three instances that he was offered help, strangers assisted Nas without any questions—whether it may be when he needed water, food, or even a place to stay. In addition, these generous strangers did not ask anything in return (even if Nas insisted), but told him to give back to others instead. “The desire to help was genuine and was above race, gender, or social status,” Nas said.

Even though such situations do not always happen in the country, Nas’ experience proves that Filipinos do have a penchant for helping others, even making little sacrifices along the way to make a difference. Check out his minute-long video:


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Photograph from the Nas Daily Official Facebook page.




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