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In Focus: Pia Wurtzbach's Miss Universe Pageant Makeup Video—The Super Sequel To Her Daily Look

In Focus: Pia Wurtzbach's Miss Universe Pageant Makeup Video—The Super Sequel To Her Daily Look

The beauty world went somewhat berserk and overjoyed when Miss Universe winner Pia Wurtzbach posted her Daily Makeup Tutorial video a while back in August. Just last October Pia actually posted a follow-up video to her Daily Makeup one, her actual PAGEANT MAKEUP tutorial video.  


Yes, the one with all the tips, secrets, and yes, you name it, products she loves to use during beauty pageants. It even shows how she applies false eyelashes like a pro.  


Okay, you can continue to rave now because now you can try and look like Miss U while watching Miss U! We've basically broken the process down into 10 steps so you know what you're watching.


1. Prime your face. Pia always preps her skin before makeup and she's somewhat primer mad, in case you notice that in her Daily Makeup video. Take it from Miss Universe though, she knows what her makeup needs beforehand.

2. Apply your foundation with a clean brush. In this tutorial, Pia isn't shown using concealer, we can suppose that the long-lasting foundation she used was a buildable type meaning it could be built up and layered for more coverage where needed, like even under the eyes.

3. Undereye baking. Applying a load of matte, translucent setting powder under the eyes (not silica powder which causes white face) and allowing it to sit over foundation and concealer is called baking. The loose powder underneath the eyes also catches any dropdown or eyeshadow fallout while eyes are being down and can easily be brushed away later.

4. Bang on brows. Pia strongly applies brows that are suitable for stage makeup. She doesn't break down brow application step by step but emphasizes stage makeup brows which are more intensely defined and suitable for strong lights and high-def cameras.

5. Eyeshadow for days. Our very own Miss Universe works wonders with eyeshadow. She's pretty much self-taught, but also has MAC makeup artist Gery Penaso as her beauty mentor (he still does her makeup every time she's in the country). Here she shows that as long as it's a face powder product, it doesn't actually have to be exactly eyeshadow on the eyes. She also points out that she doesn't use black or grey to deepen the eyes, only deep warm browns and reddish tones.

6. Tightlining the waterline and eyeliner. Pia uses pencil liner to rim underneath the lashline of her eyes and applies pen eyeliner for a very thin and suble slight cat-eye look.

7. Curl lashes and apply mascara Nnormally, and apply false eyelashes. She's a whiz at applying false eyelashes with tweezers, but you can also use fingers if you're more comfortable. Tip, don't stick on the lashes right away after applying wet glue, if you have one of those handheld battery-operated fans, blow on the lashes and glue for a bit to let it become more sticky before letting them land on your lashline above your own lashes.

8. Powder and contour. Pia uses a deeper shade of face powder as a contour shade after doing one more sweep of powder. She points out that she does apply contour directly underneath the hollow of the cheek, she pushes hers slightly higher, just above the hollow.

9. Blush and highlighter. In applying blush, Pia doesn't apply hers to the apples of the cheek for stage reasons. She applies her blush for stage just above the contour, up and out. Then she pats a liquid highlighter with fingers over the high points of her face to freshen up the look with believable glow, plus a pencil highlighter on the inner corners of her eyes.

10. Lipliner and lipstick. You apply lipliner to define and almost fill the entire lip so that your lipstick lasts longer, then you can finish off with your lipstick or lipgloss of choice. 

Here is our reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, demonstrating her actual process for beauty pageant makeup.

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