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Daily Diaries: The Girl Who Could

Daily Diaries: The Girl Who Could



By Jennifer Santos

She loves to read. Not to look literate, but because it’s her passion. She loves to read, but it doesn’t mean she lives in fantasy. Yes, she is fully aware of how cruel life is. When she reads, she could be anything, anywhere. She could make mistakes, and no one would notice. She could imagine anything, and no one would ruin it. Because when you’re reading you can be who you really are and no one will judge you. You don't need to pretend that you're smart. Because when you read, you will know everything. But, of course, when you reach the ending, reality hits you.

She reads because when she writes, she'll know the difference. She's a writer. She's the writer of her own story. When she writes, she doesn't include everything she read on the book because reading and writing are two different things. When she writes, she will be the one to take you anywhere. She will make you feel like you belong somewhere. She will never judge you if you reveal your true self to her. She will accept you. Because when she writes her story, she will try to understand. She will tell you everything because she will trust you. She doesn't write because she loves it. She writes because she was born to do so.

She was born to create her own story, but still can't make herself perfect. She can write and write, but can never erase. She will bring you to her world where you can understand everything about her. She is the hero and the villain, but she is also the story. She is the novel. She is what she writes. She is what you read. When you glance at her, you will think that she's like every single girl in the world. But once you read her, you can't stop from reading her. She won't let you put the book down because she will captivate you with her story. She wouldn’t need to use any flowery words because she’s more than enough to capture you. She doesn't write her heart out because writing is her heart. It's what keeps her breathing and living and smiling and crying and walking. She will never stop writing because it keeps her alive.

When she's tired, she reads. She reads what she wrote to know what to write next. If she reads, she will know. She will know what’s wrong and she would find a way to make it right. This time, when she writes, she knows better. This time, she will never get tired. This time, she wouldn’t capture you. Because this time, you would be the one to come back for her. You would want to be captured by her. You will do everything to be a part of her world. You wouldn't want to read her, because, this time, you will write with her.

You will both write your own story. Read her. Believe me, she’s amazing.

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